I’ll know I’ve made it when…

You might remember a little blog post last winter about my wish list of material things that would make me happy. You already know that I’m really not a materialistic bitch, but sometimes, SOMETIMES, I just really wish I didn’t have to clip coupons to eat or rely on fumes to get me the places I need to go. In those times, I dream of a life where I could spend, spend, spend and not even worry about the numbers in my checkbook.

And so, as shallow as it may be, I’d like to share with you the list of things I dream about during those times. And so, “I’ll know I’ve made it when…”

  • I don’t hit the snooze button 8 times before getting out of bed.
  • I have a real bed with a head and foot board, matching sheet sets, and decorative pillows
  • There are giant wall TVs in every room necessary
  • I actually have a proper cabinet to store my grandmother’s China
  • Fun girly things like a wax, or a massage, or a scrub aren’t factored into my annual budget
  • I carry an iPad
  • I buy a car with cash
  • Starbucks isn’t considered my once-a-month treat
  • I can pick up fresh muffins, fruit, and coffee on a Saturday without caring that they’d be cheaper by the dozen
  • I can get my hair colored on time instead of when it looks like shit
  • My bathroom cabinet is stocked with nice soaps and lotions, not the free hotel samples
  • I can host a real dinner party
  • I own a seriously nice bag, like a Michael Kors
  • I have at least five different bathing suits to choose from
  • My closet is 80 percent full of clothes I’ll actually wear
  • I can treat my friends to lunch, or brunch
  • The jewelry I purchase and wear is quality, even the costume stuff
  • My workout wardrobe is just as cute as my everyday wear
  • Purchasing things to improve my job, like a computer or a nice camera or a recorder, is really seen as an investment and not a waste
  • When shopping at DSW really feels like a discount

…sigh…a girl can dream, right?


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