Just a warm body.

Who watched The Bachelorette last night?!?! And WHO was sad that she kicked off Charlie? Me. I mean, he wasn’t awesome, but I really feel like we hadn’t seen enough of him to judge one way or the other. I will say that Michael was pretty hot, too. Besides, there were other dicks she could have eliminate instead (ahem, RYAN).

Anyway, it seems that summer is in full swing and most of you are off doing fun things instead of sitting at a desk inside where everyone hates you, while you read blogs, like me and Gizzy. Except Gizzy actually does work, I don’t.

When I started this job, there was all kinds of stuff for me to do. I wrote stories and headlines and edited press releases and I went to meetings and I made blog proposals and I organized new websites…

But one by one, my responsibilities diminished. A story I wrote pissed someone off, so many of my stories went unpublished, so I quit writing them. Someone in my office didn’t like my headlines, so although I still write them, they must go under approval by 12 people before they are posted. I actually edited a press release and offended the writer with a correction, got called into the boss’ office and was told I had an attitude problem, so I haven’t even read a press release in 3 years. I sometimes go to meetings, but I stopped bringing my portfolio or anything, I just go sit. After making three blog proposals and watching them go nowhere, I quit trying. Sometimes, I still organize new websites, but I’d say that happens about once a month.

Any other day, I arrive at work, get a cup of coffee, and go up to my third floor office. It’s in the very back corner, where no one really goes. I don’t even turn the lights on. I just sit here, and monitor my email. I usually don’t say more than two words to anyone. I know that everyone knows I don’t do shit here. I used to really worry over it. Now, I don’t really care. It would still take a lot to get me fired, and layoffs aren’t happening, so until then I’ll just be a warm body in the building.

Every summer, we go through evaluations. And every summer, I tell my boss I want more work, because I like to feel responsibility over things. And every year, she says ok, and the work never comes. Maybe I’m just really bad at my job. Who knows?

Tonight is the first of five blog classes that I’m teaching at my alma mater. BOOM. I’m excited, but also nervous. These people are paying me to teach them how to make a blog, and I don’t want to let them down. I also need them to love it, tell everyone they know, so that my class next semester will be even bigger, because I am poor, eating hotdogs every night…

But anyway, I made a pretty awesome power point for tonight’s class, and I even stole some pretty notebooks from the office to give my students. Mission for today? Find some pens.

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One thought on “Just a warm body.

  1. Matthew says:

    How’d the blog class go? And I get the summer work sting. I sit in a cubicle (in a cubicle farm) where I face huge windows with the outside taunting me every day.

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