Blame it on the rain.

It’s raining as I write this. Like thundering, lightning, the whole bit. And I just love it.

When I was a kid, I haaaated the rain. Of course, most kids do, as it brings upon indoor boredom, and perhaps a power outage, which would be the end of the world. As a child, the only good thing the rain would bring were the creepy crawlers under all the rocks in my yard.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love, and even look forward to a nice rain storm. When I’m at work, it drowns out the sounds of the printer, phones, and my coworkers’ chatter. At home, it’s a nice soundtrack to write, or more importantly, sleep to. And the rain is a really good excuse to skip out on activities like the gym, or happy hour, or generally anything that deals with responsibility.

And so, you can imagine my delight when the weatherman predicted rain for the next seven days.

Praise God in the Highest.

Anyway, enough weather chat. My first blog class went pretty well. Keep in mind, I still have to make it through 4 more. My class has 9 students, and when I say they do not blog, I literally mean that. Only a few of them even knew what a blog was. I said the word “domain” and every single hand was raised.

But hey, that’s okay. That only means they’re about to have their worlds rocked with that of the blogosphere.

Ok, enough of the geeking and onto the gossip.

Did you hear, Miley is getting hitched??!

When I first heard the news on TODAY yesterday (hehe), my immediate thought was, omigod she really IS going to turn out like britney.

But the more I thought of it, it’s not like they’re eloping and Liam is sure as hell better than K-fed. Am I right or am i right?

Besides, that ring is gorge! Not saying a ring is what it’s all about, but you know. I honestly like lil Miley, and I am sort of giddy over the wedding details, not unlike how I was with Kate & Wills.


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