So high.

“Tweet me!”

That’s what the post-it read that I slapped on my hot neighbor’s door. I skipped back to my apartment, and knew I’d regret it in the morning when he didn’t follow through.

I fell asleep and had a dream that he did Tweet me, and he was excited that I made the first move. When my alarm went off, I checked to see my dream was real. He did Tweet me, and sent me messages throughout the day. By the day’s end, he asked for my number.

Friday, we texted some, just about random things we were doing. I had a busy day planned Friday, lots of errands to run and deadlines to meet. I didn’t make it home until around 8 pm. When I pulled into my garage, I passed the two cuties from Cali. They were on their way to get margaritas, and asked me to join. I did.

During drinks, we decided to hit up a local hole-in-the wall. There, I drank like there was no tomorrow, and danced like I’d die in an hour. It was quite fun.

Around 1:30, we decided to head home. I went back to their apartment, where I had another drink and we chatted for awhile. And then, the booze got the best of me…I texted hot neighbor.

He was awake, and said “come on over babe.” I chatted with the boys a bit longer, as not to be rude, and politely left around 3 a.m. When I stepped off the elevator, HN was in the hallway, looking quite dapper in his button-up shirt and jeans. I told him I needed a minute, to pee (and fix my almost-24 hour old makeup).

Mid-piss, I hear a knock on my door. I make it to the door, and I see HN standing there with his cat. He is convinced our cats are brothers, so he comes on in and makes himself at home, fixing himself a glass of water and all.

We talk, laugh, blah, blah blah, and I go back to his apartment. His apartment, of course, was the same layout as mine, but decorated nice with art on the walls and leather furniture. We plop down on the couch and get to talking about his family and his job.

Before I realize it, he pulls out his guitar and plays me a few songs. In that moment, you could have set the building on fire and given me no way out, as I was in heaven. Hot guy, great music, great conversation, wrapped up in his grandmother’s quilt. Die. Happy.

“Oh my God, the sun is coming out,” he said.

I peak out of the blinds and sure enough, it’s just passed 6 am. He invites me to watch the sunset on the balcony. So we do, standing there, near the railing. Looking out over our small city, it was quiet and cool. HN was standing behind me, massaging my back and shoulders to my delight. My eyes are closing, so relaxed.

Finally, he pulls my hair to one side, and leans in for the kiss.

It was the kiss I’ve waited eight months for. There were sparks, and my heart was beating so fast. I even had to pull away to catch a good breath…

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3 thoughts on “So high.

  1. Ooooo….SQUEAL! Awesome!

  2. HAHA love the enthusiasm!

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