3 strikes and you’re out… forever

And a happy Saturday to YOU! I would imagine you are all wondering what could possibly warrant a special Saturday post… Well, basically it’s 12:30 in the morning, I’m having a breakdown, and I have no one to talk to.  So wah-lah! That’s where you all come in.

So on Tuesday I informed you all about the latest with High School Crush, how he suddenly stopped talking to me and was being distant when I would initiate a conversation and I couldn’t quite figure out why.  Well, tonight I got my answer.

Before I get into the good stuff, let me back up a little bit.  When this all started to go down the only people I talked to about it were Lucky and Betty.  The only reason I talked to Betty about it was because I thought she might of had something to do with it.  But Lucky got all the deets I had on the situation.  She kept telling me that she thought I was taking it really well, and honestly I thought I was too.  I was surprised I wasn’t more upset, but I think that was mostly because I didn’t know what I should be upset about.

Que me sitting here ugly girl crying.

So, what happened, you ask, why did High School Crush stop talking to me? Let me just say, thank God for social media and all the secrets it holds.  Anyway, HSC and I follow each other on twitter and he doesn’t really tweet that much so I don’t really look at his twitter page that often.  Well, when things went down the shitter I started stalking that shit out looking for clues as to what happened.. Ie: He died, lost his phone, was in a coma, etc..etc.. within a day or two of when things first got weird I noticed this girl that he started to follow and that also followed him.  The first few days I didn’t think much of it because I could tell from some tweets she had sent that she worked with his then roommate.  So no big deal, right? The more time that passed and when things still didn’t get better I started to get even more weary of this girl.  I don’t know why, but I just had an instinct that something was going on with her. So then, in true stalker fashion, I started to look at this girl’s twitter pretty regularly.  

Tonight I decided to do some extra creeping, so I looked at her following and followers list and I see that she followed HSC’s Dad  and HSC’s sister followed her. If that’s not a sign that this chick is his girlfriend, I don’t know what is… and recently she’s been tweeting things about how happy she is, she went out of town and said she couldn’t wait to get back to what was waiting for her at home.  Yeah, so now I am upset about it.  This is kind of what I suspected all along, but to be honest HSC doesn’t really have that much game and I didn’t think he was an asshole that would do shit like that. But he is. They all are.

So here we are, the 3rd time I’ve gotten looked over by this guy.  Maybe I’m not aggressive enough with it, or maybe he just really doesn’t like me.  Whatever the reason, I need to cut all ties because I know I don’t deserve this. 

I could badmouth the girl and I could go into defense mode and play dumb and ask HSC why we haven’t been talking to try and force him to admit it to me, but that won’t change anything, and it definitely won’t make HSC have enough respect for me to tell me what happened himself. My guess is that he feels guilty, as he should, and that’s why he cut off all communication. So as hard as it will be to move on from a 13 year long crush, I have to force myself to get over him. Forever.

This post is so melodramatic. Ugh.

Anyone up for a Saturday night bonfire to burn some old pictures? I’ve never done that before, but if I’m ever going to try it this seems like the perfect opportunity.

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8 thoughts on “3 strikes and you’re out… forever

  1. Matthew says:

    I’m sorry Gizzy. Of anything, I can completely relate right now (in a way). The girl had been distant the last couple of weeks; particularly this last week. It definitely felt like she was avoiding me on purpose.

    A buddy of mine got fired yesterday so he and I got some beers after I got off work. When I got home the girl was home and first thing out of her mouth was, “I have to tell you something.”

    Everything I had been preparing for during the last two weeks suddenly became true…and she ended the relationship.

    I’m just glad I’m not an idiot and didn’t see the clear signs; as I’ve been handling it extremely well…largely because I guess I’ve known deep down that she and I really wanted different things in regards to our own futures.

    But still Giz, sorry for HSC acting all douchery. I’ll be sure to have a cocktail in your honor tonight.

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your relationship too 😦 and thanks for having the drink in my honor! I had quite a few of those last night as well. But seriously, people suck. That’s all there really is to say anymore.

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    Meh. For something like this, you’re allowed to be melodramatic. Sorry to hear about this shit.

    And Matt, that sucks, too. Well, at least you knew something was up. Sorry, man.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. You’re allowed to be upset. You’re right: You don’t deserve it.

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