The Bachelorette is finally over.

Well, folks, last night concluded yet another season of the show I love to hate, “The Bachelorette” and/or “The Bachelor.” Same thing, only I do believe the bachelorette is a little worse. So bad, in fact, that I normally don’t watch it. But because it was Emily, so annoying Emily, I just had to do it. And of course, Tweet my way through it.


The entire season, I was convinced emily was going to choose Arie at the final rose ceremony. I mean, he was the race car driver and he seemed nice, I personally didn’t think he was attractive in the least, but I was so freakin’ jealous of his kisses with Emily. Those were some passionate kisses. I mean come on, that scene in Dollywood on the carousel? WOW.

Anyway, as the episodes went on, I liked Jef more and more. The episode when they were playing with the marionettes in the library…that won me over. However, I still didn’t think Jef had a shot in hell with Emily. After all, she is this southern belle, and he is this cool guy…I just didn’t see it.

Until last night.

The visit with the parents was pretty standard, but when Jef and Emily went on their date… I was swooning. He sure does know just what to say! I thought it was pretty ballsy of him to say he needed to meet Rikki (God, I am so sick of hearing about that child!!), and when he finally got to, it was sweet. There last night together just sealed it for me, they really do have something. So much so, that I was dreading seeing her go on the date with Arie.

So when she sat down with Chris, and said she wanted to dump Arie, I was floored.

When she actually did dump Arie, that was incredibly awkward. But like always, his true colors came out, and he was a pretty big doucher. Honestly, he got in the car and said all these shitty things about Emily, and for the first time, I disagreed. What else was she supposed to do? Go on the date, pretend it was all cool, and then reject him as he proposed? Write him a letter? Stand him up? I mean, she didn’t waste any more of his time.

And then, the closing scene with Emily and Jef. There, their feelings weren’t as firework-y as possible, but I still cried. That’s right, tears came out of my eyes. Emily sure is annoying, but Jef seems to be one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever seen. When he said, “I’m so glad you didn’t give up” or quit or whatever he said, omg, I need to find a guy to say that to me!


And THAT, folks, is why you watch that awful show. Because one time in 30 seasons, there’s an ending like that.

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