I’m officially disposable

Ok, so I lied. THIS will be the last post about High School Crush.  I need to get some things off my chest… and talk about how absolutely stupid this is.

So, like I said last week.  I pretty much got confirmation that he’s in a relationship with another girl with the picture and her tweet about the AWESOME night out they had.  But it gets worse.

Later in the week this girl changed her facebook picture to be the picture of them on their AWESOME night out, and then started tagging people in it so that her friends could write compliments on what a cute couple they are.  Mind you, he doesn’t have facebook so I’m sure he has no idea this is going on.  Or maybe he did since they are BFGF4LYFE.

After this, Lucky and I dug through all 2,000 of her tweets during an afternoon session of “Bash High School Crush’s New Girlfriend” and we learned several interesting tid bits about her.  

First off, she loves food, like a lot. Her favorites are Jimmy Johns, peanut butter, ice cream, and cookies.  Oh, and food, lets not forget that one. Literally every other tweet was about food, it was so bad that it made Lucky and I each take a second look at our personal twitters accounts to make sure we haven’t sounded like we have a binge eating problem like this chick does.  Verdict is in: we don’t.  We tweet about meaningful, hilarious things. Obvi.  

Second, we discovered that she’s pretty much still into her ex. We figured out that they broke up last September and they were still talking just a few months ago.  We also found out that she’s only 23 and that her birthday is the day after mine, g-hey. She has a tattoo (ick), and if there were a girl version of a douchebag, it would be her.

So that brings us to Saturday night,  HSC (I assume drunkenly) tweeted to her that “they say that this world was built for two.” Of course she retweeted it and then Sunday night she tweeted, yet another, picture of them being all cuddly and he retweeted that.  Stupid.  Social media is stupid, they are stupid, and if I ever use that shit to validate my relationships you all have permission to send me to time out to think about what I’ve done.

Some may say I’m jealous, but you know what I say? Of course I am. I put in 6 months with this guy and some gummy bull-dyke swoops in and gets the big pay off because she’s in the same city as him.  It’s not fair. Oh, did I mention she looks like a boy and has one of those gummy smiles?

 There she is! And just to add the icing on the cake I looked at her twitter again today and saw that she tweeted something about helping him build Ikea furniture last night.  That one really hurt.  Mostly because I’d like to think I had a little something to do with him going to Ikea for damn furniture in the first place.  It was MY suggestion! Second, he told me if he got the Ikea furniture like I had suggested he do, I had to help him build it.  And now this chick is doing that.  So, my conclusion is that I’m disposable… we’re all disposable.  I know I sound super cray cray right now, but I deserve to have a crazy moment or two after all of this, right?

I also know this is incredibly immature of me to do, but I need to do it here so that I don’t say all of this to his friends in a drunken rage the next time I see them.  I need to be calm, cool, and collected so that they can go back and tell him how stupid he is for screwing things up with me for a Jon Heder look alike.

Anyway, Lucky came up with the theory that this girl is posting all this stuff to make her ex jealous.  I concur, and I think he’s retweeting it to make me jealous. Why else would they tweet a picture of them sitting on the couch watching basketball? No one cares except the people that got hurt in it all. She’s doing it because she’s 23 and that’s what immature 23 year olds do to get back at their ex, and HSC is doing it because he’s a coward and this is his way of telling me it’s done. NOTED. Ass.

Anyway, I threw my fit and now I’m done.  I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the details when this relationship goes down in ass burning flames. 

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One thought on “I’m officially disposable

  1. It’s ok to be jealous. And you’re not crazy…I think anyone would have a similar, perhaps a psychotic reaction to this. This is just another step closer to something right.


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