Stop schooling me!!!

Remember the cheater (cheater pumpkin eater)?

Since our little discussion, the one where he tried to convince me that he actually had a side in the whole cheating on his wife thing, he has backed off…kind of.

By that, I mean, he doesn’t talk to me at the gym, but he still pays really close attention to what I post on my social media feeds. A few weeks ago, I posted a series of articles about our local prison system, as it is a big factor in institutional racism. I don’t know if i’ve mentioned before that I am a facilitator for our local branch of a dialogue group geared toward eliminating racsim.

Anyway, I posted this series of articles on my Twitter feed, along with an article I posted that I wrote about a local pizza place.

About 1 minute later, the cheater chats me on Facebook saying he just happened to come across my article on the pizza place. “Cool.” I said. He then said he knows the best pizza place in town and he bets I’ve never heard of it. “Try me.” I said.

He tells me the name of this place, and I knew exactly what and where it was because the owner stalked me two years ago, no lie. So I told him that. BOOM.

Then he asked me about the articles on Twitter, about the prison system. I told him I am a facilitator for a dialogue group geared toward ending racism, and the series of articles was what we were reading for our group that night as the prison system is institutionally racist.

“How so?” he asked me.

I really don’t have conversations about racism with just ANYONE, because I know it gets messy, so I kept it brief. But the cheater pressed on, disagreeing with my point. I told him I wasn’t down for a debate, and if he wanted to discuss it, he could join our dialogue group. He then said, if I wanted more information about the local prison system, I could ask him because it was a topic he knows lots about and he’s very passionate about it.

I said, really, he couldn’t know that much, nor could I, because we are both white. I then told him I didn’t need his help. BOOM.

The conversation really, really pissed me the fuck off. I have been training to be a facilitator for damn near a year, and this mother fucker wants to fight with me over it? No, no, no.

After i shut him down, I was good for a few days. That is, until an article I wrote an article about losing parts of our town to modernization. The cheater sent me a link to a blog on a similar topic, which I ignored.

Then Monday night, shit really got raw.

i have been taking a course for the past month to get certified in personal training. This course included a fitness exam, a class on best business practices, and even a nutrition course. And Sunday, I passed, and was deemed certified. However, during the course I learned that i am 10 pounds overweight, so for 2 weeks, I’ve had myself on a strict meal plan, plus a routine of hitting the gym 3-4 times a week. Monday, pre-workout, I stepped on the scale and saw I’ve dropped 7 pounds. Just 3 more to go!

To treat myself, I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s frozen greek yogurt. One serving is only 180 calories, and has 5 g of protein in it. It was delicious, a nice follow up to my salad.

I tweeted a picture of my dessert, and here came the cheater. He tweeted to me, gotta watch the sugar in that…I use plain unflavored and flavor it with splenda, or cinnamon, and ricotta cheese…i also use greek yogurt instead of sour cream… #TricksOfTheTrade


I know this guy is just trying to get my attention, but this one really irked me. Like, I didn’t ask for your advice, and I know how to read a food label. Plus, essentially I can eat whatever I damn well please. And it only has 23 g of sugar in it, which is way better than what I really wanted —a big slab of cake.

I know I just need to block him and be done with it, but I cannot get over that here i am, a college grad, certified personal trainer, facilitator, teacher, and editor of the biggest website in the city, yet I’m dumb as shit!

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One thought on “Stop schooling me!!!

  1. Gina says:

    He is trying to bait you and get under your skin. You rejected him, so he’s partly trying to annoy you and partly hoping that you’ll somehow be so flustered that you start to become attracted to him.

    He is a disgusting perv. Don’t give him another thought because that is what he wants. Block him or he’ll never go away.

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