Gizzy the dried up prickle puss

Unlike Lucky’s weekend, mine wasn’t filled with intriguing men from the country.  I stayed in the city where I work all weekend and hit the town with Chuck and Gigi.  Remember when things were in full swing with that ex-fling whose name shall not be mentioned and I said I had a second crush? A guy that Chuck randomly brought to my apartment in the Big City and didn’t tell me about.

Well, second crush was in attendance and I was nervous because that guy makes me laugh so hard that it makes me like him.  If you hadn’t heard, I’m off men at the moment. So this is not good. Friday night I got inappropriately drunk and he had to be my crutch.  And by be my crutch I mean I was barking out orders and he was obeying them.  As in, “There’s light shining through that window, hang a blanket over it.” And “Blow up my air mattress.” And “You need to go out to my car in the rain and get my jammies.” Things like that, I was a real bitch, but he did it all. 

The second night I got my payback, he and his friend said that they come up with nicknames for all their friends and I had yet to receive one, so Saturday night was the night it was happening.  There we were, sitting at a bar, and 2nd crush made a casual comment about how I’m older than them (2 years older, stupid 25 year olds), I was drunk so I snapped back, “Yep. Yep, I’m all dried up.”  He busted out laughing and started telling everyone what I had just said.  I freaked out, “No no no no.. that’s not what I meant!” It was too late, for the next few hours I was Dried Up Gizzy to anyone we met.


Later on in the evening we went to subway for some drunk food, I was halfway listening to the conversation going on about how second crush decided to not shave for the entire month of November, Movember as they called it.  One of the guys said, “You’re going to have a full bush.” I perked up and said, “Did you just call him a pickle puss?” They laughed and laughed and then I corrected myself saying it would have been funnier if it was prickle puss.

And that brings us to my new nickname in my new city, Dried-Up-Prickle-Puss-Gizzy.  Hrmph.

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