Population 5,000 II

So the 2 country guys followed us to this bar… i swear, there was a guy singing country on the front porch, but when we walked inside there were strobe lights and a guy rapping in the middle of the floor.

We danced, we drank, and shit got really silly. Eventually, Marcy and I ditched the guys and rolled home around 4 am. The next morning, we got donuts before laying out at her parents’ pool, which honestly felt like the wild west.

There were all kinds of crazy bugs and squirrels, I couldn’t relax. It was still a fun day, but… the guys from the previous night were texting me and, although they were nice, I just didn’t feel like DEALING with it.

It’s honestly the first time I’ve ever felt like that. Before, I probably would’ve jumped at the chance for some guys to join me at the pool. But not now… it’s pretty much the last thing on my mind…and it seems like a lot of fucking work that I’m just not down for.

Eventually, Marcy and I got out of the pool, got a power nap in, and headed to this nice little seafood restaurant. We ate, drank bottles of wine, and then went to pick up this guy (Chris) that Marcy dated a whole 8 years ago.

Apparently, Chris moved away a few years ago, got married and had a kid, and he was oddly back in town visiting his parents and wanted to meet up with Marcy.

When we picked him up, he was dressed casual…wearing steal toed boots. He said he was a miner for a really big company and he was just loving life in the mountains.

When we got to the bar, not only did we run into the guys from the night before, but we saw ed, too! I was pretty stoked.

However, when we all sat down for a fun chat, Chris desperately tried to steer the conversation his way, talking (again) about how awesome life is in the mountains and that he is just so healthy now and he works with so many diverse people that will go biking with him or even jump off cliffs with him…

Hey buddy, I don’t really give a shit, thanks.

After a few drinks, we decide to head to this massive club—it was so big I couldn’t believe we were still in this small town.

Marcy and Chris were dancing and I was acting a fool, doing the Roger Rabbit by myself. Chris apparently thinks he is god’s gift to women, as he came up to me and was riding my ass and pulling my hair like we were having sex.

Then he gets super close and asks if Marcy thinks I’ll get mad…

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