Population 5,000 III.

I’m all, why would she be mad? And he’s like, I don’t know, but she saw us and stormed off.


I saw, well let’s go find her and I leave the dance floor. I find Marcy at the bar buying a drink and a round of shots. I can’t tell if she’s pissed or not, but finally, Country guy leaves and I’m like hey…you’re not pissed are you? And she’s like no, why? So I tell her what CG said and she laughs, knowing that I’m not interested in him and says even if I was, she wouldn’t care.

We decide to leave, even though it’s only 1:45—the bar is open for another 1.15…we decided to drop CG off, then hit up another bar without him.

On our way out of the door, we run into the guys from Texas & Montana…I whisper the details and say goodbye. When I find Marcy’s car, CG is pissed. “Did you makeout with those guys?”

“Um no,” I say and plop down into the front seat.

We drive to this dude’s parent’s house and he’s talking about all the crazy sex him and Marcy had, and saying she’s the one that got away. We park and he says: “Lucky, can I see you outside?”


I step out of the car, thinking I’m in trouble, and in typical fashion, this dude asks for my number and wonders if I’ll come to Colorado sometime. Hmm….not a chance.

I get back in the car, say nothing, and he walks around to Marcy’s side, knocks on the window and says his goodbyes.

I tell Marcy what went down and we laugh all the way ’till the next bar. We pull up and see the bouncer and the bartender sitting outside—there was no one at the bar.

We go in and I tell Marcy that since there is no one around, I can dance like a fool, show my vagina, and get in the cage.

All of the above happens.

All in all, a solid weekend.

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