Lucky, the accomplice.

Seriously, when will I learn?

Last weekend I went out with Josh to see a movie. We had dinner, went to the movie, and he wanted to meet up with some of his friends from work who were having a small birthday outing.

Fine by me.

Well, I was a few drinks in (okay 4 margaritas and 3 beers) and noticed that he was nowhere around me. I was dancing with myself, near a group of his coworkers whom I just met. I looked and looked for him to see him at the bar, talking to a girl he works with.

She was sitting on a barstool, he was standing. She was wearing shorts, his hand was just above her knee.

Did I mention Josh has a girlfriend who was out of town?

I didn’t say anything, kept dancing with myself, and we moved along to another bar.

“What are you doing?” I asked him during our short walk.

“Nothing, it’s fine.”

We got to the bar and he went off with his coworkers. I looked at him and asked him if I just needed to leave because clearly I wasn’t wanted. I turned and walked upstairs alone, running into the Trainer while I was at it. Because of course I would.

I didn’t see anyone interesting, so I went back downstairs and proceeded to walk outside and head home.

“Where are you going?” Josh asked.

“Home,” I said.

“Let me close my tab and I’ll walk you,” he said.

I told him it was fine, I didn’t need him to walk me. He convinced me to wait for him, so I did, but then here comes his girl coworker. They talked and talked and I walked off.

“wait, I am coming with you,” says girl coworker.

Josh catches up to me and tells me she jammed her tongue down his throat and he doesn’t know how it happened.

“Maybe because you were flirting with her all night?” I said.

I picked up the pace, walking faster to lose them behind me.

I haven’t heard from Josh since. And now I’m an accomplice. A witness to a cheating.

Men are scum.

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