If this is west Nile…

Have I ever told you that I’m allergic to Mosquitos?

Whenever I get bitten by one, the bite swells up and hardens like a welt. Unfortunately, Mosquitos are drawn to me, which just makes the situation worse.

If I know I’m going to be outside, I always pack bug spray, which sometimes doesn’t help. Well, last night I met up with some friends for dinner, and we sat outside on the patio, near some bushes…bad news bears. Big time.

My legs and feet are covered. I didn’t bring my bug spray. I did, however, go homeland cover myself with caladryl and take a Benadryl. Then, I laid in my bed and waited for west nile symptoms to appear. They never did, and I drifted into a wonderful, deep sleep.

This morning, I’m pretty happy to be alive and symptom-free. I even woke up and did some exercises using my new set of resistance bands (I’m feeling chubby and very selfconscious lately, so I’ve upped my workouts) while watching episodes of Home Improvement. Have you ever worked out with resistance bands? They give a nice workout, buti couldn’t stop thinking about that scene in “so I married an axe murderer” where mike Myers is doing the thigh master while watching the news and he looses grip on the thigh master, which goes flying across the room.

Anyway, I’m back in bed now, typing this on my new iPad, which I got on vacation. After this, I’m going to move into my living room and do my Crunch yoga DVD, and then maybe have some coffe and yogurt before showering and going in to work. Because, like my boss says, I shouldn’t feel chained to my desk.

My beach vacation was very nice…much needed. I got a nice tan, read a few books while sitting on the beach, got plenty of sleep, and even enjoyed lots of delicious cocktails, despite several bartenders in forming mmy that my lisence  was expired. Of course it was.

As always, life aftervacation is brutal. I miss the beach and the abundance of hot guys, and although I’m not chained to my desk, even walking into that office just sucks. At least Friday is just around the corner…

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