I’m not your go-to girl.

I know I’ve written several times about a guy Gizzy & I went to high school with. He lives on the opposite side of the country as us, and he’s a pathological liar.

In high school, he was one of my good friends, in the sense that I had a crush on him. He was cool and funny, but he was also manipulative. When I wasn’t good enough to date him, or earn much of his respect as a friend, it took me a long time to get over him.

In college, we were states apart, but would occasionally chat via drunk dial. In the near 10 years since high school, now he’s saying he messed up in high school…we should have dated, he says. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

In recent years, I’ve purposely avoided most contact with him. I started noticing that the few conversations we were having weren’t making me feel good about myself. He brags a lot about all the supposed money he makes, this alleged awesome job, trips to Vegas every other weekend, new Audis every month, etc.

When he asks about my life, it’s not because he really gives a shit, it’s so I can feel like a huge loser because I’m still doing the same thing I was 4 years ago, my car isn’t flashy, and I’m not collecting Oakleys.

Last year, around this time he called me and asked if I was going back to our hometown for Thanksgiving. I was. He said he was, too, and he asked if we could meet up for a drink. I agreed, it had been 8 years since I’d seen him.

But when our meeting day finally rolled around, I never heard from him. So, I went out with my friends and didn’t worry about it. When I heard from him the next day, I told him what I thought: if he couldn’t even make an effort to see me every 8 years, when wwe were in the same state, what was the point?

I suspected he didn’t show because perhaps his bragging had been a lie.

After that, texts from him went ignored. I didn’t, and don’t have time for bullshit. Recently, he’s started texting me again, apologizing for last Thanksgiving. I told him I appreciated the apology, but I was done trying to be his friend.

A few weeks ago, he started texting me asking for relationship advice. I told him I don’t know anything about relationships. “well, I want your input anyway.” god. This opened the floodgates for him to tell me about how he’s dating a girl who is trying to decide if she should date him or get engaged to her ex.

Um, what advice do you need? I told him to stop dating psychos. He then told me he looked in her phone to see she set up a date with her ex. When he questioned her about it, she put a password on her phone.

I didn’t reply, yet every day I get an update. If you’re wondering, last night she told him she needed a few days alone, with no communication, to make her decision. I still didn’t reply.

Here’s my thinking: we aren’t friends. And I don’t give a shit about your life, nor your failed attempts at dating. You come around when you need something. You don’t genuinely give a flying fuck about me, so take a damn hint!

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4 thoughts on “I’m not your go-to girl.

  1. Matthew says:

    Wow…he’s a top grade jack-ass for SO many reasons.

  2. Matthew says:

    Sure, I’ll indulge you a bit 🙂 To begin simply:

    -if you have to check the other persons phone, obviously there’s a trust issue
    -what does it say about him if he’s concerned about a woman who is torn between dating him or being engaged?
    -as you said, he thinks you can be his go-to-girl…or even his fall-back or safety when this girl ultimately ends up engaged to her ex
    -why would you give a crap about any of his BS = he’s trying to bait you and see how you’ll react = he think he has some sort of “power” and that you’re still hung up on him
    -he made plans with you and broke them
    -adding to directly above, he states he regretted the past but when it came time to put up or shut up…well…looks like he shut up, except for continuing to be freakishly annoying

  3. Lol, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. I never replied to his text about her needing to take a few days with no communication and all is quiet on the home front, so… Fingers crossed! L

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