It’s baaaaaaaaaack!

Hello readers, and hello WORLD!

That’s right, Cocktails at Tiffanys is public again, after many months of hiding behind the curtain of password protection. It was my fault, I befriended some assholes, they found the blog, and told people about it, and it was best kept hidden for awhile. But we’re back!

Some of the posts DO have passwords, and if you want the password, email me at, prove that you’re not a hater nor my boss and you’ll get the password.

In other news, it’s Monday, which ultimately sucks ass.

I have had such a wonderful chain of weekends lately—no drama, just relaxation, and productivity. I use my weekends to workout, hit up the grocery, cook meals for the following week, get some writing done, and of course, sleep.

I’ve also loved hooking up my iPad to my TV, and listening to radio stations all around the world with the “Tune In” app. Seriously cool, it sounds like a Starbucks right in my apartment.

On Saturday, I got up, enjoyed several mugs of pumpkin spice coffee (I told you, Starbucks) and went to the gym before joining my friends at a tailgate. The group was entirely couples, which usually makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

However, I’m really feeling like I’m coming into my own as a single woman. I’m not ashamed. I don’t feel ugly or fat. And I find that most of the time, people are surprised to discover that I am single, which I take as a compliment.

Many of the husbands were asking me about my relationship status, and one of them said he knew of a few guys he could hook me up with. I asked him if these guys, whom he said were around the age of 24, were douche bags. He said no. I said I was game as long as they weren’t douchers.

Later, he offered me a few free tickets close to the field. I accepted them, but then realized the few friends I had were out of town… so I searched through my phone to see who might want to join me. I ended up asking one of the Cali guys, who’d never been inside the stadium, and he arrived in 10 minutes.

While him and I have never hooked up, not even kissed, we’ve had our fair share of flirtation and late night texts. I noticed he was wearing a wedding band.

“Did you get married?” I asked him.

“That just keeps evil doers away,” he said.

Hrmmm… weird. All through the game, he was on his phone, texting, and I noticed the screen saver: a picture of him and a cute-looking girl.

Meh. Regardless, it was a fun, drama-free evening at the game. Nothing wrong with that!

After all, what’s my iPad screen saver? A picture of my food truck chef crush.


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