Out of the woodwork.

I know, I know, when it rains, it pours. Welcome to the flood gates.

Remember when I accidentally invited a married guy to come with me to a football game with me? I laughed it off Monday night at the gym with some girls in the locker room who agreed, it was weird. I drove home, hopped in the shower, and checked my phone while toweling off. Oh, and what do I see?

“Hey you,” from Mr. Supposedly Married.

“Jesus,” I said, to myself, before watching 2 hours of The Voice and replying back with a “Hey” and getting no reply. Pretty sweet.

Anyway, whatever. My crush on the food truck chef is still holding strong. A bigger part of me has accepted the fact that I’ll probably never see him again and that a crush is just a fun thing to feed my love-sex imagination. But sure, there’s a small part of me that hopes he’ll find my phone number in some random bathroom stall and give me ring.

It’s good to have goals.

Being the good worker that I am, I showed up to work Tuesday morning a solid hour late, knowing that I had a big fat ZERO things on my to-do list. I commenced in my usual activities: drink coffee, spin in my chair, and stalk people on Facebook.

But when I logged in, I saw that I indeed had a message.

Unfortunately it wasn’t from Chef B. Instead, it was a reply to a message I sent a week ago, to a former classmate of mine.

Last week, he sent me a message regarding all of the blog work I’ve been doing. Here, I’ll post the conversation:

Classmate: I find this whole blogging class thing you’re doing pretty fascinating. How do the other professors feel about it? I’d like to see what someone like Bennett thinks, haha. How have you been old friend?

Me: Thanks! I’ve finally found a way to combine writing with my own little gig. Most professors I know like it…their students know how to blog, but they don’t! Oh, Bennett! I am doing well, just trying to build an empire. What about you?

Classmate: That’s awesome! Dude, i’m proud of you! I’m basically doing the same thing….but not as much writing lately. I’m still working on scripts and plan on shooting a film next year if I can raise the proper funding. But I got my MBA not too long ago and I run a little company that does digital media services (web, photo, video, mobile) and I have my own photography on the side, and then on the side side I have my independent film stuff that I do……I just stay busy, basically. Haha. so i am in the empire building business as well, oh and i’m starting a nerd inspired blog early next year. so i’ll be sitting in one of your classes very soon. (kidding.)

Me: What’s the blog going to be about?

Classmate: It’s going to quick and dirty opinions about Films, Comics & Video Games, or the holy trinity as I like to call it.

I have yet to come across a blog that kinda does all three of those things and for a lot of people, if you like one of those, you like the other two or at least one of the other ones. 

So, that’s kind of what I want to tackle. Instead of having long winded text, it will be short and to the point, but I will be doing video reviews & interviews, etc with it as well, so there will be a lot of content there. The web is moving to a more digital heavy setting, and I think as long as you put up quality worthwhile content, you will find an audience and a group of people who will follow you because they respect you not because that’s the most popular site on the internet. 

It’s also going to be a platform for people who are in those industries to talk candidly and just be treated like a human versus being a glorified talking point.

okay, so that’s the even more long winded version of it, haha. I’m working on little pieces here and there and will be launching soon, but I’m going to Europe for about 2 months, so I don’t know if I should wait until I get back cause having a 2 month absence is not good for blogging endeavors, you know? 

Alright this has gotten really long, sorry about that. How are you doing? It’s been ages since I’ve talked to you or, hell, even since i saw you. Can we do something about that?!

 So, my question is…is this guy legit trying to catch up or does he wanna bang? Like…yeah, we had the same major in college, so we had several writing courses together and we’re friends on Facebook. He lives an hour away, so it should be no surprise that we haven’t seen each other since college.

Sigh. Why do I never know what’s going on?

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2 thoughts on “Out of the woodwork.

  1. Matthew says:

    Weird. So, based on the things he said he’s working on, I think I have a pseudo -doppelganger out in the world.

    From the conversation it sounds like he’s legit about wanting to catch up. Not to discount banging though either. It could very well be both.

    This being completely out of the blue likely point in the direction of his intentions extending beyond just a friendly catch-up. But that’s purely speculation.

  2. He does sound like a nice guy, right?? Given that it’s been years since I’ve seen him, I can’t say I’d jump him on the spot. However, he could be super hot, combined with the fact that I haven’t been laid in 15 months, and he might get lucky. Literally. -L

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