Back to the bachelor…

Glad you all gave me some feedback on the hottest bachelor.

Now, since then, the article I wrote on him was published and he sent me this text.

“Lucky! Wow, so blown away, best article ever!”

We talked a few more texts about random crap, before he eventually quit responding. He’s flying to New York Thursday to get the results of the contest…so here’s my question for you guys… should I text him? Should I invite him to join me for a boxing class??


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2 thoughts on “Back to the bachelor…

  1. ifUseekAmy says:

    Wait…he’ll be in my city on Thursday…and I work a few blocks away from the Hearst Bldg…

    Just kidding! I’ll keep my distance, he’s all yours!

    AND, yes, invite him to a boxing class, invite him for coffee, for drinks, to make out – just invite him!!!!

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