Ketchup and applesauce

I hope everyone doesn’t hate me for the complete made up lie I fed you all on Friday.  It was mine and Lucky’s way of detering you from Lucky’s big secret.  Like, hey here’s this big bomb, but oh wait Gizzy’s back! WHAT. IS. GOING. ON?!!!! Did it work? Thought so.
Our scheming aside, I have some major catching up to do with you all.  Pretty much, take my life as you last knew it and think of all things opposite of what it was, and that is my life now. A mere 2 1/2 months later.
I’ll do a quick run down of why I haven’t posted since the beginning of August.  As you all know, I started a new job close to home town, it was great, the people were great, it was great not living in the big city, life was awesome.  So awesome that I got a better job offer from another branch of the company about an hour away. With the blessing of my then boss, I took it.  Then found an apartment, bought myself some furniture, and on September 1st I moved in all by my self! Song and dance breakout anyone? Alllll by myy seeeellllf don’t wanna be… except I do, and living alone is awesome.  Then I woke up yesterday and I was like HOmg, I’m an A-DULT.
But as for me not posting, I’ve had some issues with the internet.  The first month I was too busy to really care, but now that I have everything unpacked and organized the way I want it, I’m getting a little bored, but my internet is broken, and the internet fixer guy couldn’t come until this week.  Thankfully, my trusty co-blogger agreed to put up my post for me.  Which is probably what I should have asked her to do 2 months ago, but things were happening fast and just yesterday I realized that it’s October.  So my sincerest apologies.
Now on to the romantical portion of my life, I know that’s what you all really want to hear about, le boyfriend.  My last few posts at the beginning of August/end of July were all wah wah HSC, oh wait I kind of like this guy 2nd crush, but no I’m off men.  Your heads must have been spinning this weekend trying to figure out who it is… mwhaha.  At least in my head your heads were spinning.  So if they weren’t, don’t crush my dreams.
 So, the good stuff… in August Gigi, Chuck, and I planned a trip (a few hours away) to see their old roommate, Nutter Butter, who had just moved back from North Dakota.  I was down to clown, of course.  Me, Gigi, and Chuck always have a great time and NB is a blast.  The only downfall was that NB lives in the same city as HSC.  Yeah, it’s not a tiny city, but all the people around our age generally go to the same area on the weekends so I was nervous that we would see him and his new girlfriend out and things would get awkward.  Then to add to it, about a month before we were set to go Gigi informs me that NB was asking her if I was dating anyone.  Did I mention NB is a guy? He is. He’s also a guy that has been in love with me since we met, 4 years ago.  For whatever reason, I was just not really ever into him – while the guy would have slept on hot coals and shards of glass to get me to look at him, I probably didn’t have any interest in him because he’s a great, attentive, cute, non-asshole, was in to me, and had a lot going for him type of guy.  But whenever I would see him I always had a guy/boyfriend so I would just blow him off. I figured at this point he was probably over liking me and visiting him wouldn’t be a big deal, until I heard that. So I had those 2 reasons to not go, but I went anyway.
We got to NB’s and he comes out (looking better than I remembered), tells me how good I look and gave me what is quite possibly the longest hug ever.  We all got ready and went to dinner that night, and already at dinner I knew that I was going to be in trouble that weekend.  NB and Chuck ordered a couple of entrees to split. NB and I were sitting next to each other and Chuck thought it best that her and I switch places so they didn’t have to reach across the table.  She was right, but I didn’t want to switch her places, I wanted to sit next to NB.  Because I knew already a whole hour and a half into the trip, that finally after 4 years, I liked him.
….to be continued….
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