Ketchup and applesauce (part 2)

The night continued on, we went to a bar filled with guys, and NB wouldn’t let a one of them near me.  He stayed by my side the entire night, and it was nice.  We got back to his apartment, Chuck and NB’s sister (who he lives with) went to her room to go to sleep.  Gigi passed out on the couch (where NB was supposed to sleep) and NB and I laid on his living room floor for the next 2 hours talking and arguing about who was going to sleep on the living room floor and who was going to sleep in his bed.  Of course he wanted me to take his bed, but I didn’t want to be mean and make him sleep on the floor, and also then knowing that I was developing a crush didn’t really want to sleep in his bed alone either, but I couldn’t be a skanktastic and tell him that. 
He finally brought up the topic that I didn’t want to and suggested we both just sleep in his bed.  So I said ok.  I think it took NB all of 5 minutes to make a move, so we made out for a while (and let me also add in the best kisser ever – 23 year old Gizzy is quite upset she didn’t take advantage of this back in the day), then he talked about how bad he’s wanted to do that for 4 years. Then I rambled on for the next 2 hours about all my ex-boyfriends and all the stuff I hated that they did (a topic I NEVER bring up to guys).  Then he asked me to his cousins wedding in October like 1000 miles away, I said yes of couuurse. Before we knew it, it was 8am the sun was coming up and we had talked all night.
The next day we all got up, went to lunch, and started drinking again.  And it was a repeat of the previous night, I ended up in NB’s bed so we could make out and it was suprisingly really comfortable and not awkward at all in the mornings.
I left that Sunday thinking that was all that would come of it, a good weekend make out with an old friend.  We texted that whole night after I got home and the next morning on my drive to work he called me.  And I was like WHAT! A guy who actually calls? What is this? I like it.  And he’s called every day since then too.  And now he’s my boyfriend, and I don’t have to worry if he’s talking to other girls, or doing drugs, or if he’s lying to me. And it’s pretty fucking awesome.
This coming weekend he is coming to visit me and I’m taking him to meet my family.  Now-a-days I feel like this isn’t a big deal, but I still think it is.  I’ve introduced my Dad to a total of 2 guys ever, at 27 that’s not very many.  But I can say NB is the first guy I feel confident that my family will like.  Not only do him and I share a lot of interests, but he shares a lot of interests with my Dad and Stepdad.  I never really thought it would be important to me that my family really like the guy I date, but after having them hate the last few guys, it would be a nice change of pace to be able to have my family and boyfriend hang out together.  We shall see, wish me luck!
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2 thoughts on “Ketchup and applesauce (part 2)

  1. Good luck. My family lives the husband, and vice versa. I also love his family and vice versa. It’s an amazing thing to have your family in an active role in a healthy and happy relationship. If you’re close to your family at all, it’s not to be traded for anything.

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