As I mentioned last week the ol’ boyfriend came to visit for the weekend to meet my parents.  And as I had expected they all loved him, and now I’m out the door as my Dad’s favorite person and he’s in. 

Aside from the meals with the family we got some quality “us” time in.  Which lacks a little when we are around his family because they keep us so busy.  By “us” time, I mean being lazy watching movies, going to dinners, and boozing – of course. 

Sunday night we were laying on my couch, drinking a few bottles of wine, some shots, and beers while watching Kitchen Nightmares and trying to see if we could make our eyes look in different directions…


All I was able to accomplish was successfully shutting one eye while leaving the other completely open.  But NB was able to make his eyes look in different directions, and I laughed so hard that I farted. Just a little..

It was pretty much exactly like this.  Only he does it in front of me all the time, so what was the big deal? I said it was my foot rubbing up against the couch (even though my couch is 100% cloth) and he laughed and laughed, said it was endearing, and wouldn’t let it go the rest of the weekend – like a typical dude.  I, of course, am humiliated beyond belief.  The only way I can ever recover from this, is to do something more embarrassing.  Lose-lose.

Anyway, later this week I’m taking a painting class, because of my job I’m able to get it at a discounted price and that makes it cheaper than buying actual art that looks nice for my apartment.  Instead of paying $20 for a piece of art from Target that you can clearly tell is a flower, I’m going to paint stick figures and polka dots and brag about how I’m a worldly cultured artist when my friends come over.  I’m pretty stoked.

Second, I’m hosting a slumber party this weekend.  It started out as a slumber party for my sister, but has slowly migrated into her and one friend to me and all my twenty seven year old friends looking for an excuse to play barbies and color.  We’re also going to make our own pizzas and creme brulee and by make our own I mean the children will be making and I will be supervising with my wine. Because that’s what adults do.

And that’s all folks.  I’m going to start making up things going on in my life again so you all have some interesting reading material.

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One thought on “Tootaloo

  1. hyde says:

    wow that pictures crazy nice edit pic but i wonder if any one can do that with out a lazy eye lol!

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