It’s a Bieber Tofurkey!


OKAY, so my Photoshopping skills suck ass, but you get the point.

I know you guys are all cozied up with your families today…maybe this is a good thing, maybe not. Me? I’ll be with Buttons’ family, who I love as my own.

If you’re dreading a day with the family, or you’re single, or just bored, I’ve got the solution for you:


Take a sip when…

  • Someone says ‘turkey’
  • Your football team gets a touchdown
  • Someone says ‘you’re all grown up’
  • Al Roker laughs during The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Someone asks how your year has been
  • Something has to be repeated for Grandma/Grandpa
  • A new family member arrives
  • Someone opens the can of cranberry sauce
  • Someone brings up the presidential election

Finish your drink when…

  • Someone asks if/why you’re single
  • Someone says ‘you’ve put on a little weight’
  • Someone says ‘you look tired’
  • Someone asks about your job or school


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4 thoughts on “It’s a Bieber Tofurkey!

  1. Good god I’m gonna end up wasted. Especially with that why are you single rule… I get that question at least twice an hour.

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

  2. Lol, how wasted did you get? -L

  3. Well if it is any indication of how the day went I ended up sleeping most of Friday and Saturday away 🙂
    Hope you had a good holiday L!

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