Another kind of cRaZy.

Just to get you up to speed, I went on that horrible date, then ignored about a dozen or so texts and calls from this guy, blocked him from Facebook… and then I got another text from him last Saturday night asking me out, yet again.

I decided to just come clean and tell him no, when he asked why, I said I wasn’t ready for a relationship. Partially true. I was trying to be kind.

He persisted, saying I didn’t give him a chance, and I just ignored these messages. Then, yesterday morning I awoke to the horror:

32 New Messages

All. From. Him.

Read on, if you dare.

1. I guess I should be used to this feeling, get used to it cause it aint new.
2. I want to let you know I would treat you BETTER than anyone ever did. treat you like royalty, like the Queen you are.
3. Never cheated on anyone, never did wrong to any girl but why am I the one who always ends up getting hurt. I know this might sound silly, but man its NOT FAIR 😦:(
4. Am I crazy for those feelings? I dunno anymore, I dunno why I even try.
5. At least let me know something, a reply like if you liked my record or something tangible. I dunno, tired of being the good guy

6. I guess you havent hurt me, I hurt myself. I expected something else. it just HURTS I cant hang out with you and get to know you better

7. I really strive to do my best. to treat EVERYONE right. that poem zero did tonight hit me hard. had a friend commit suicide last year
8. I didnt take it well, I was angry at him. then really sad, cause I saw him 2 months prior at a friends wedding. he had no hope.
9. I wish I could have talked to him more and SAVED his life. he felt like a burden in this world, I believe that was a selfish act.
10. like all my other college roomies, Jarrett was BROTHER. he was loved by lots of people
11. but he hid his sorrows good. he hid them from his best friend, from me.
12. if I could have just talked to him, maybe I could have saved his life
13. I dunno, I just wanted to hang out with you and get to know you more as a person and I figured if something happens it happens
14. and I guess in the recesses of my mind, I was HOPING it would happen cause you’re really smart, intelligent, funny, and i admire your gifts
15. you have me beat in writing, your intellect is what attracts me the most
16. figured you could help me with my stuff

17. I always get feedback from people and I dunno, don and Auto said my stuff was OFF

18. man I really STRIVE. I dunno what’s off, I really want to get better! but a few of my fellow artists who iIrespect say im off from time to time. I don’t understand…at all. smh.
19. you are a really awesome lady, and I wanted to show you how a TRUE GENTLEMAN treats a lady
20. thats what hurts me the most, I know you’re not ready and that sucks for me but I wanted to prove everything I said to you…Queen. you must do what you say and mean what you do.
21. always keep and honor your word, its all about integrity and honesty…less ye be a hypocrite
22. I know its cheesy and you can laugh at me if you want but I dunno im old school
23. I still believe in holding a door open for a lady, and giving my seat up if there is nowhere else to sit. I guess im trying to keep chivalry.
24. Corny I know, sorry but my beloved mother RIP gave me the name that sounds like it was meant for so much more… DESTINED.
25. do you think thats weird? I mean id love to hear more about your 7 different blogs, your thought process going in, everything
26. so in conclusion, forgive my lengthy novel texts, but I guess my synopsis is at LEAST please give me the CHANCE to KNOW more about you
27. as a friend and vis versa, at least give me that much Lucky.
28. I mean im genuinely interested and not trying to get in your pants interested like the mundane rabid dogs who play as men these days. I really dig you. Please. Thanks.
29. can you at least give me your opinion? Do you believe everything I said? say something dont leave me hanging. I spoke all TRUTH. I promise.
30. I just gotta know, I need to know.
31. Lucky  can I ask you a serious question? I’m really hoping you answer it, why did you agree to hang out with me before? Please tell me.
32. 😦:(
…if you’re still reading, please leave a comment and let me know you made it out alive.
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8 thoughts on “Another kind of cRaZy.

  1. dederants says:

    I’m really tempted to hunt this dude down, grab him by the shoulders and shake him senseless while telling him, “SHE’S JUST NOT INTO YOU!! GET OVER YOURSELF!”
    I hate the fact that men feel you should be obligated to explain why you don’t want to be with them or why you’re not interested in them. I would say you’ve got it better than I did, when I guy kept hitting on me at a bus stop, and when I firmly said no, he yelled at me, “telling” me how lucky I was that he even gave me the time of day, but what you’ve gotten was (and is) just as abusive.
    Some guys just can’t take no for an answer.
    (Sorry for the ranty comment LOL)

    • Don’t be sorry! I totally agree with you, there is nothing I absolutely hated about this guy or anything, we just didn’t click and I’m not going to waste my time or anyone else’s… I feel that’s the most respectable way to approach dating. It does hurt, but it would hurt more later, right??

      What really set me off about these texts was the last one, “Why did you agree to hang out with me?” If I had said no to begin with, I would have been shunned for not giving someone a chance. I wanted to, and did, give him and chance and I’m still being punished.


  2. Holy wow! Dude has some serious issues to work through. If you send any texts back I would recommend sending him the number for a good therapist.

  3. ifUseekAmy says:

    WHOA! Holy sweet baby jeezus. That is all.

  4. Matthew says:

    Yeah, definitely good call on not responding back. It’ll only begin a sequel over-share text slam.

    Lace up the running shoes and never look back.

  5. Whoa. I will never understand why people do this. Does he really think a positive reaction will come out of this? All he would have to do is imagine if someone did that to him. And then he never do it again. Let’s just say I hope he doesn’t know where you live.

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