Down in the dumpers

All apologies for dropping off the radar again folks.  I would imagine at this point there is a slew of new readers that are over here thinking, who is this toolbox that posts once a month in blue? 
Well, since just before Thanksgiving when I disappeared again there have been some medical issues come up in my immediate family, two… my Dad and Sister.  And now as of whenever, Wednesday, my Grandma is in the hospital also. Everyone is fine for now, but it’s exhausting.  So I haven’t really had the time or the desire to crank out any funny blogs lately. Nor have I really had anything good to blog about. 
I could yammer on about how I’m basically annoyed with everyone and everything, but no one wants to hear that.  So, bear with me.  I’ll be back when I’m back and have something good to write about.  Happy Holidays! Fa la la lalaaaaaaa

One thought on “Down in the dumpers

  1. Matthew says:

    Sorry to hear about all of the bad medical stuff. A close friend is going through some medical drama of her own right now so I understand how it can get to just about anyone.

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