Well, hello 2013.

I would imagine you are hungover reading this, which isn’t a bad thing.

I am not really huge on New Year’s resolutions, but this time of year always gets me thinking about the year gone by and the one ahead. Of course, I want each year to be better than the one before it.

2012 was really a year of growth for me. It’s been a year now that I’ve been in therapy, and while I’m still working on many of my original problems, I know I’ve made a change for the better.

Some of the decisions I made in 2012 weren’t my finer ones, but I learned from each and every one of them, and because of that, I consider them important.

For 2013, I’ve got a few things in mind.

1. Sleep more.

For years, I’ve struggled with sleep. I feel guilty when I go to bed early, because there is usually work I can be doing, or a book to be read. But then I stay up so late and feel even worse the next day. If I do hit the sack early, I usually toss and turn, or am wide awake at 3 am watching HLN.

Not this year. To combat this problem, I slapped down a mere $2,000 for a brand new bed frame, a new mattress, and all new bedding.

It is on, folks.

2. Get The Bachelor.

A few weeks ago, Marcy and I had a conversation about men. Somehow, we came to the conclusion that I need to date the Bachelor (the guy I interviewed for Cosmo’s hottest bachelor). At one point, this was on my mind, but I seemed to have lost my gusto for it and now I’m refocused.

It might not be easy, and it might take me all fucking year, but it’s happening.

Here we go, 2013.

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One thought on “Well, hello 2013.

  1. Just scanning this post and seeing only two things on the list got me intrigued. I love my sleep, so I’m glad to see someone else trying to partake. It’s really a great way to unwind from your day. Much better than HLN. And getting the bachelor is going to make some awesome posts, and hopefully for you, an awesome date/sex/relationship. I was wondering what happened with him, and I remember the posts about him you wrote. Looking forward to more in 2013.

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