The trouble with boys is… {part 2}

Like a bestselling novel, that little editor’s note sure put a decent twist on things with Brandon, didn’t it?

How do these things happen? Exhibit A. 

ME: Hey there, what’s up?

B: I’m sorta nervous to have a date tomorrow

ME: Why nervous?

B: Well it doesn’t happen very often for starters.

…And then I stopped responding because I was a perfect mix of jealous, pissed, sad, and needed to stomp up my office stairs before I pulled out one of my classic crazy moves (usually a passive aggressive text message).

Reasons why I was upset:

  • There was no reason to tell me about the date (unless he was looking for an easy way out)
  • How am/was I supposed to react to that?
  • When I ask, “Why nervous?” the correct response would be something along the lines of, “Don’t want to make you upset.”
  • I cannot/will not listen to someone I slept with a mere month ago complain about a lack of dates

I wanted so badly to just be cool and continue the conversation and act like it didn’t bother me. But it did and it does.

I get it, we are not together. He can absolutely go on dates, as can I. But I wouldn’t ever tell him about a date unless it was on the verge of getting serious—I would never say it in passing, because I care(d) about his feelings.

So, going on the date was one thing, telling me about it with intentions to hurt me/make me jealous is something else entirely. Both mean. Both shitty.

Moving on.

Webber did something equally asshole-ish and great all at once.

Out of sheer curiosity, I wandered over to his Twitter page only to witness a rather long conversation between him and one miss @Shasha42069 (handles have been changed to protect the slutty):

Webber: where ya at gurl I’m waiting for my date

Sasha: I’m back… I been back!

Webber: Oh well damn why didn’t you say anything

Sasha: because your supposed to know these things

Webber: my fault

Sasha: It’s ok, I’ll give you a pass this time

Webber: You are too kind. So you gonna hit me up so we can do this

…And it continues from there where they pick out a place to eat, etc. Now, I’m certainly NOT jealous here. However, I don’t appreciate getting constant texts from a guy who is obviously (and publicly) asking out other women. I get it—the more you ask out, the better your return.

I’m not interested in statistics.

So when he texted me the other night, at 10 p.m. “How was your day?” I happily did not reply and continued drooling over Nev Schulman (#Catfish).

Now, I’m actually hoping he texts me again, just so I can say this:

What, your date with @Sasha42069 didn’t work out?? 

Damn, life is good.

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One thought on “The trouble with boys is… {part 2}

  1. Matthew says:

    I part of me has died that we (society, whomever) have moved on to now going about asking someone out via Twitter.

    Seriously? Odds are there’s someone who even hashtags that stuff hoping it will show up on the ‘Trending’ list.

    Excuse me while I go bash my head against an anvil.

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