Analyze this.

The gist: I met a guy (“M”) at an actor’s showcase two weeks ago. He is hot. Read the Facebook chat we had yesterday and tell me what you think. Ready? GO. 

M: Here is a link to that interview i was talking about. So funny!!

L: That video is genius! I hope I am a better interviewer than that…
M: I dunno…judging by our convo the other night I’m a little worried about your interviewing skills
L: I think you’d be surprised. I am working on the article now about Lauren and the class, you should be nice to me today!
M: I ain’t scurred! I will write my own article about workplace etiquette and how Lucky stole my drink tickets and got white girl schwasted whilst interviewing folks.
She had to use a tape recorder because she knew she wouldn’t remember anything the next day
L: So mean!
M: Lol I kid
L: 😦
M: Don’t be sad
L: I actually ran into Krystal last week and she was like I have no idea what i said to you
M: Sounds about right haha
L: I listened to what I had, didn’t hear anything bad!
M: That’s too bad
L: I would never write anything bad
M: I know, but it sure would have been funny to listen to some embarrassing thing someone told you while they were drunk
L: The worst thing she said, was that she was really wanted some giant pair of scissors from the Breaking Dawn set?? I’ve never seen those, so I’m out of that loop.
M: Neither have I. So how is like ma’am?
L: Yes you have. I know you are Team Edward.
M: Pssshh. Team Jacob if anything.
L: He is hotter.
M: Strictly off the record.
L: Fine.
M: Life is just fine? Nothing new or exciting?
L: Haha, no, I was saying “fine” to your off the record comment
M: Oh lol
L: Life is good. Had some great articles come out this week!
M: I need to check them out. They online by chance?
L: Yeah, one is on my Facebook page. The other one is on the magazine website.
M: Awesome, I’ll be sure to check them both out today.
L: You mean, you’re not busy at Sprint?
M: Lol, I go in at noon… and no, we are not that busy these days. I will have plenty of time to read your articles and Facebook creep on you.
L: Oohhh no, I am going to send an army over there to buy phones. And NOON? Damn, I am jealous.
M: Why are you jealous? You must like sleeping in. Hibernate in that new bed of yours.
L: I stay up late… so when my alarm goes off, I do wish I could sleep later. And yes, that bed is like a cloud.
M: Yeah I know what you mean. I got up early to let the dogs out, cooked breakfast, checked mail, and now I’m just laying in bed until it’s time to go to work.
L: Watching Live with Kelly and Michael?!!
M: No. Reading Harry Potter. Don’t judge me. Never read the books. My 8 year old cousin gave me the first. He said that for every book he finishes, his dad will let him watch its respective movie.
L: I have actually never read the books either, but saw every movie at its midnight opening…
M: I made fun of everyone for reading or watching potter related materials until the final movie came out. The week of the final movie releasing I decided to watch all of the movies so I would be caught up for opening day . Pretty intense experience. What really blew me away as an actor, was the thought of these kids spending the last 10 years of their lives together filming these movies.
L: Yeah! I really enjoyed the movies… even though I will admit sometimes I have difficulty keeping all of the details straight. I don’t like books with lots of characters.
M: Ahhh, aren’t you just adorable
L: AND the death eaters scare me. I jumped every single time.
M: Stick to books like Super Fudge eh?
L: LOL I like memoirs. True stories.
M: I see. One of my favorite series of books to read was Hank the Cowdog. No one has heard of it though.
L: Yeah, I’ve never heard of it. You made it up.
M: No way. I’ll make you up!!
L: I don’t know what that means, but it cannot be good.
M: Its death eater scary
M: Yup.
L: I am the biggest wuss.
M: Tread carefully
L: Everything scares me.
M: Lol lets go see Mama
M: I was planning on seeing a movie tomorrow, since I don’t work
L: You have Fridays off?
M: Sometimes.
L: I want to see The Impossible
M: Which one is that? I still want to see Silver Linings Playbook
L: About the tsunami in Sri Lanka
M: Ahh yeah
L: Yeah, me too! Is it still playing?
M: Yeah, it’s playing. 
L: Sweet, I thought I missed it
M: Nope. They recently released it nationwide. I will probably catch a movie tomorrow in the afternoon/evening…after I get a haircut. 
L: Going to get extensions?
M: Yes, but that’s our secret, K?
L: Maybe.
M: Remember, death eaters if you cross me. 
L: Do you think I plan on crossing you?
M: I dunno. You have a certain look about you. 
L: What does that mean!
M: It means I’m dumb and have a terrible sense of humor. 
L: Ha! I am a good person.
M: Jury is still out on that… but continue. 
L: Fair enough
M: I kid, I kid. From what I have gathered so far, you seem like a pretty nice young lady. Any person would be lucky to have you as a friend. 
L: Aw, thanks!
M: Even if you’re planning on purchasing a wine purse 
L: Haha! I know I am a drinker, but I still behave.
M: Nothing wrong with that, I’m the same way. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s ok to misbehave sometimes. 
L: I saw Lauren last night  and I was like omg, she probably thinks I am crazy
M: At which bar? 
L: I saw her at the gym.
M: Oh haha, my b 
L: See? Mean!
M: Me? Never. I just know how much of a social butterfly you are. Figured you were out and about spreading joy in the world. 
L: It is a rarity for me to drink during the week. I usually go to the gym… or work late.
M: Well kudos to you. Such a young professional. I could learn a thing or two from you. 
L: I think I am just lame.
M: Well miss Lucky…i must be getting in the shower. Need to get ready for work. Long day of slangin cellular devices ahead of me. Don’t be a stranger. Feel free to message me WHENEVER! Oh and fear not. You’re not lame. Just Normal. I prefer staying in during the week too. I enjoyed kicking it at the house during the week with a beer or wine watching me some Sports Center, so I’m just as lame. 
L: Ha, alright. Have a good day!
M: You too, maam. 
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2 thoughts on “Analyze this.

  1. my0wneyes says:

    Ok, so at some points he seems very into you, but then he throws the friend comment out there…I’m confused 😦

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