Words that I wish were real.

Yet another post I’ve wanted to write for a long time.

But I constantly find myself working on articles or blogs and typing a word that is indeed NOT a word. And then I wonder, “Why isn’t this a word?” and then I realize that indeed, I’ve tried to type that world probably 500 times and yet, I still keep typing it and still keep wondering why it’s not a word.

Am I alone here? Here is my list of words that I wish were words:

  • Everytime—if “Anytime” is a word, then how come “Everytime” is not? Even “onetime” is a word. 
  • Somenights—Again, somedays vs. somenights? I don’t get it.
  • Backlinks—this is a word, in the blogosphere, but WordPress nor Microsoft Word has caught on yet.
  • Wokeup—wakeup is a word, but what about “I wokeup.” WTF

I know there’s more, and I just need to make note of them when they come up (“Comeup” would be nice), which means an awesome second post for you guys.

However, I was looking online to see if anyone else was feeling the same way and I found a hilarious list of words that should be words here.

Checkout #7: Dimp and #11: Elbonics

Anyway, I have tomorrow off because of the holiday and as you can see, I’ve pretty much checked out for the weekend. On that note… PEACE!

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