Back on the salad train.

I know I am not the only woman out there who puts her diet on the back burner when you’ve got a guy gushing over you 24-7, right?

D is constantly complimenting me, telling me I’m sexy, and beautiful, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Usually, when I’m dating a guy, I want to hit the gym even harder, jump right into a new diet, and make sure I look good for my guy. But those were also times when I was dating super shallow assholes.

Of course, I still want to look good for D, but when he’s inviting me out to lunch and dinner and drinks, I always chose that over the gym. And then the whole chain reaction thing happens and the next thing you know I’m a fat sloth.

Not quite, but that’s what I feel like.

So, after a few weeks of only hitting the gym once or twice, I’m back at it.

I’ve been to the gym twice already this week (going once more tonight) and played kickball Tuesday night. I haven’t had a drink since Monday, and it was only half of a light beer. Go. Me.

Last night, I threw away anything unhealthy in my fridge and pantry and went grocery shopping for all things healthy.

Then, I cooked. I made lean tacos, skipped on the cheese, but loaded up all the fresh toppings. Then, I made individual cups of steel cut oatmeal with almond milk, cherries, and nuts…yum!

D doesn’t seem too thrilled about my health kick–he isn’t sold on the turkey tacos or my recipe for making him baked chicken wings instead of his usual fried ones.

But I refuse to look back a month from now and not be able to fit into my jeans!

I’m gonna go eat a string cheese now…

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2 thoughts on “Back on the salad train.

  1. I just got back on the healthy bandwagon too! I feel pretty excited about it because I just want to feel better in my body, you know? Good luck with your efforts. I just know two months from ow, we’ll both be posting how amazing we are for sticking with it.

  2. Matthew says:

    Same thing happens to us guys [well…some at least] too. It definitely helps that I now have someone else to cook for/with; so my dinners aren’t also solo, consisting of me picking and grazing at simple things in my kitchen. Plus, it helps dating a girl who is eating healthy too.

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