Gizzy re-enters the dating world

Last Tuesday just as I was getting off work the one friend I have in my city texted me and told me to come meet her at a bar, there were some friends of hers there that she wanted to introduce me to.  So I went, and when our server walked up I was speechless and a little flabbergasted at how hot he was. It was so bad that every time he walked by I got distracted and found myself staring.  Embarrassingly enough, he caught me on more than one occasion.  Needless to say, I got to meet some new people and stare at a hot man.  

The weekend rolled around and Gigi drove down for a visit Saturday night, she had just gotten back from a week long trip to Puerto Rico with Chuck, Nutter Butter, and some other people.  I was nervous about the trip because I assumed Nutter Butter would hook up with someone and I didn’t know if I was ready to handle hearing that.  She called me when they got back and told me he didn’t do anything so I could rest easy.  When she got to my city on Saturday and we went to lunch she told me that she had a sit down talk with him and was asking what really happened in our relationship.  He basically confirmed my worst fear and what I suspected all along, he just wanted to hook up with me.  It had always been a fantasy of his, that’s all it was to him, he’s also still in love with his ex-girlfriend but she’s married and lives 3000 miles away.  I got used.

That pissed me off enough to be all, “Lets get wasted tonight and find hot men!!!” And that we did. We went to the same bar from Tuesday and sure enough the same hot server was working and was our server again.  I expressed to Gigi how hot I thought he was and that I kind of have a staring problem and can’t look away, so we came up with a plan for me to start up a conversation with him outside of our drink order.  Earlier that day Betty had forwarded me a dick pic from her exboyfriend.  I had a good laugh because it was the guy standing infront of a mirror full on naked with a flaccid penis.  I couldn’t understand why any guy would send a flaccid penis pic, so that’s what I was going to ask this guy because I can’t break the ice in a non-awkward/not showing him another guy’s penis way.  I showed him the picture and he sat down and analyzed with us.  The rest of the night any time he had a free minute he’d come and sit down to talk with us and hung around for an extra hour after his shift ended.

To my surprise, he has already graduated college and has a full time job as a teacher but does the serving thing part time.  Before he left that night he asked for my number and asked if I wanted to go boating with him Monday…

…To be continued.

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2 thoughts on “Gizzy re-enters the dating world

  1. Jennie says:

    Ooh boating sounds fun! I hope you have a wonderful time. But I want to know about the picture! What did you decide? Why would a guy send a picture like that? Was it “look how big I am even when it’s soft” kinda thing maybe?

    • Well it wasn’t big when it was soft hahaha. But the server told us he thought it was like a half hard picture and the guy wanted our friend to get it up the rest of the way. Idk, that was his interpretation… pretty funny either way.

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