The Hangout

So this guy, we’ll call him Magic Mike, invited me to come on the boat on Monday. But, because of my stupid job and the fact that I didn’t have time to “request off”, I couldn’t go. So after some back and forth we decided to hang out Wednesday night instead.

The plan was that we were going to go for drinks with his friend from college and a friend of that guy’s who is a girl. We had a good time (I thought), the whole witty/flirty banter was there, and we had a deep convo about Bruno Mars (HAHA! I don’t think I’ve expressed to you all my love and admiration for Bruno Mars, but the fact that this happened got this guy major points in my book). We exchanged your typical date like questions, where are you from, what sports did you play, etc… etc… And just as we were finishing up the night, we both noticed that the other “couple” had downed like 5-6 drinks a piece. Magic Mike and I were both on our second. Granted they were huge 32 ounce drinks, so I wouldn’t say either of us were sober, but it suddenly dawned on me that the other 2 people were shitfaced. About that time they started making out hardcore. Like standing up, knocking stools over, and basically dry humping and spilling our drinks everywhere. It. was. awesome.

So Magic Mike and I got them to stop sucking face long enough to tell them we were going to leave them alone and head home. At this point, I was really nervous because I knew that end of the night awkward moment was probably going to happen, so I think the whole way back to my apartment words were just coming out of my mouth in no particular order, I honestly can’t even remember what I was saying.

He walked me to my door and then the awkward moment happened. I told him I had fun and was glad I got to meet some new people. He laughed and said he wasn’t sure if those were the type of people I wanted to meet but it was fun either way. And then I blacked out, like I honestly don’t remember what we said next, all I know is that I was standing there thinking, “Is he going to kiss me or not?” Then the next thing I know, we’re just standing there looking at each other and he says, “Okay, well I’ll see you later.” And walked away with NO KISS! Not even a hug. What. The. Fuck.

I really contemplated texting him after he left about the no kiss, but I didn’t because I thought maybe he just really wasn’t that into me. Which was something I struggled with all week to Gigi and she kept assuring me that he was because, “Remember Gizzy, he was SOBER when he met you and you were a hot drunken mess. He still asked for your number and still texted you to hang out. He’s into it.” So, I decided that I’d wait to see if he texted me or anything the next day. Which never happened, so that night I texted him asking if he had heard if his friends made it home alive.

He told me that his friend told him that after we left the guy drunkenly realized he wasn’t interested and they went their separate ways. We texted back and forth a few times, I fell asleep and Friday morning I replied to his last text, which got no response.

In typical Gizzy fashion, I started to freak out. I really didn’t/don’t expect anything major to happen with this guy. He’s 23, about to leave for the summer and then a few months later will be leaving to go overseas for a year, and from what I’ve gathered from social media, he’s a huge player, or pretends to be. What I DID want to happen, was a nice hookup. I’m a whore. He’s just so hot.

So anyway, Gigi has a guy in my city that she has been texting with that she wants to meet up with, so she planned another trip down this coming weekend. The plan was to get Magic Mike to come out with us and make it a nice little foursome, but since I hadn’t heard from him I was all ehhh I don’t know if it’s going to happen. We concocted a plan for me to text him mid-week to ask if he would be working this weekend. If he is – we’d go to his bar and drink, if he isn’t – we’d invite him out with us.  But something happened before I was able to follow through with that plan.

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