Thank you!

Wow, I was so quickly reminded how awesome it is to be a part of the blog community after posting my series of posts about my now ex-boyfriend.

Thank you all for your kind words.

As much as my brain tells me I did the right thing, my heart constantly needs reminding.

I have heard from D since everything happened, and as you probably have guessed, he is still drinking, still staying up all night, and I would guess he is still driving under the influence.

I will say that I sleep much easier at night knowing that I won’t have to pick anyone up at the police station, or deal with some drunk asshole at my door telling me lies.

Last week, I flew home to see my family, friends, and Gizzy—a trip that D was supposed to take with me. While the empty plane seats next to me were a quiet reminder, nothing mends a broken heart like being around the people who really love you; those who can make you forget about the hurt.

Unfortunately, I am back at work today… blech! But thank you again for all of your comments…I love you all!

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