Wait for a Minute.

Anyone heard Justin Bieber’s new song, feat. Tyga, “Wait for a Minute”? …Because it is AWESOME.

Between hearing that on Friday and seeing The Biebs walk with Maywether to the ring, my love for Bieber has been rekindled. Not that it was on the rocks or anything.


Alright, enough of the bullshit, it’s time I come clean about me and this trainer. Here is what you need to know. His name is CR and he is a professional fighter and he’s really, really hot.

I want to post a picture of his naked body for you; but he has many distinctive tattoos that would give him away. After all, he was on a reality TV show last year.

When he started training at my gym, I was still dating D. I took a few of his classes, but honestly didn’t think much of it.

And then when D and I broke up, I thought he was cute. Then I thought he was kinda hot. Then I thought he was sexy as hell.

You know how it is.

At the gym, he would always talk to Marcy, but not me, so I thought maybe he was into her. Then one day he asked me why I never took his class.

“I do,” I said.

And that was that.

Then around mid-August, we added each other on Facebook.

That’s also the same time I discovered he was engaged.

A few days later, at the gym, I told him he was a pussy—really just kidding around. He told me I would pay for it during my next workout.

And he kicked. My. Ass.

“This is all your fault,” he said.

The next day, he sent me a message on Facebook saying he hoped I wasn’t sore…

Two days later, we had phone sex.

We started sending nasty sexts to each other—(in no order):

CR: That ass will be in my hands pulling down

ME: I want to get on top so you can touch

CR: I have my hands on that ass while you wrap ya legs around me against the wall

…Since then, we’ve sent nearly 8,000 messages to each other, including pictures, and we’ve had sex a handful (pun intended) of times.

I know, you’re probably ready to throw your computer or mobile device out the window right now, saying: LUCKY!!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! HAVEN’T YOU BEEN HERE BEFORE?? YOU’RE INVITING BAD KARMA YOUR WAY…

Yes, yes I know.

I don’t have answers for you.

The only thing I can say is that I’m blaming it on D. I just couldn’t have him be the last person I slept with.

And although CR is engaged AND living with his fiancee, I can say without a doubt, he is THE hottest guy I’ve ever fucked, and it’s some of the best sex I’ve ever had.

That’s nothing to feel bad over, right?

I don’t feel an emotional attachment like I did when I was sleeping with the married guy…which is good.

I hate to say it, but I feel pretty bitter about men these days, so it doesn’t surprise me that CR is willing to cheat on his gorgeous-pharmacist of a fiancee. Because he’s a guy and that’s what guys do, right?

So, if he’s going to cheat, it may as well be with me.

Let the haters, hate.

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2 thoughts on “Wait for a Minute.

  1. Sarah says:

    I probably shouldn’t even comment because you don’t seem to be too concerned with this sort of response. But I have to say: it’s also women like you that contribute to this epidemic of cheating in our culture. You knew he was engaged and you encouraged the behavior anyways. I understand that you are jaded and bitter, but this is not an appropriate response to the situation. My boyfriend also cheated on me with another girl for 6 straight months- Our entire relationship. My response? I befriended the other girl and now we are close friends who encourage and help each other in our new, successful relationships. I don’t understand how you could ever do that to another woman after what you’ve experienced. It’s just plain wrong. Have you talked to your therapist about this? Fine, go bang another guy. Find some super hot random guy at a bar and bang him. Not the guy you KNOW FOR A FACT is engaged. So anyways, again, you probably don’t care about this- but you’ve just lost a long time reader. I was always in your corner, but your current behavior is just disgusting and I no longer find any sympathy for your current situation. You need to stop, go get some help, and end these cycles of cheating that you are on. Good luck and goodbye.

    • So, you can befriend another woman who cheated with your boyfriend, yet you’re coming on here and condemning me for my behavior? I smell a hypocrite. And it’s really none of your business if I’ve talked to my therapist about it or not; it’s my life and I am obviously doing as I please. I didn’t post this for people to tell me it was a good idea—I’m not a dumb shit, and I never, ever asked for your sympathy. If you were a long time reader, you’d know that I’ve been through a similar situation before and it’s not something I shout from the mountain tops. I do not write this blog for money, for popularity, or for your seal of approval, I do it for me. So no, I don’t give a shit that you’ve written me off. Later. -L

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