Wait, who is Gizzy again?

I’m just going to reiterate Lucky’s post below and say, yeah my life is boring as fuck.

Like every time I have sat down to write a post the past, oh 6 months, I don’t know what to write about.  I’m like yeah, no one wants to read about how I taught myself how to juggle apples and gave my dog a concussion while doing it, or about how I went on vacation with my mom and sister to Disney World and was fantasizing about Prince Charming (literally), or how basically everyone I know thinks I’m diseased and asexual just because I haven’t had sex in 10 months.  Then I thought, you know what? It’s my fucking blog, I’ll say fuck and write about what my last shit looked like if I want to.

Coming Soon: Gizzy’s Diary

2 thoughts on “Wait, who is Gizzy again?

  1. Matthew says:

    Just tell those haters you know a guy who had two (yes…two) 5 year dry spells in the sex front.

    As for juggling and giving the pup a concussion…it just won’t have been the same without pictures.

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