Cleanse, day 9.

Man, here I am on Advocare cleanse, day 9.

Which means, tomorrow is the last day!!!

In some respects, I feel really good. I feel so light (not weighed down) and I feel pretty skinny.

However, I am also just sick of eating chicken (let’s face it, dry chicken) and turkey and fish.

Last night, I went to a dinner party. Everyone had filets…I had chicken. Everyone had red wine. I had water.

Everyone had cheese bread.

I had…nothing.

It helps that Gizzy is doing a challenge, so we can vent about our hunger pains. A few other girlfriends of mine are doing the challenge with me, and we check in every day, which is a big help.

However, most people don’t “get” why I’m cleansing. They don’t understand how good it is, which is weird to me.

Go 10 days without eating or drinking shit and tell me it’s not going to do SOMETHING good for your body.

Eating this way forever is unrealistic, however I feel like it would be a good idea for me to pay better attention to my salt and sugar intake once I’m off the cleanse. I make such an effort to workout 4 times a week, but sometimes my diet suffers, without me even realizing it because of hidden salts and sugars.

As much as I want to binge on junk food and alcohol come Thursday, I am going to make my best efforts to slowly ween myself off the cleanse for fear of getting sick to my stomach.

However, a mug of coffee and the mini-Krackle that’s been on my desk since Halloween sure sounds yummy…

One thought on “Cleanse, day 9.

  1. Matthew says:

    Congrats on making it through, since today is now your official last day.

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