1. What makes you happy?

I keep thinking of that Sheryl Crow song, “If it maaaakes you happyyyyyyy…” Yeah.

Anyway, what makes me happy? This is really a difficult answer for me; for fear of sounding superficial.

But it’s our blog and I can say what I want, right?

Money, for me (as for probably most people) is a source of my happiness, as well as a source of my misery…at times.

I am not saying money makes me happy—however, when money is tight, that’s when I’m most stressed, and that’s when I’m looking for extra freelance work, and working on the weekends and any chance I can get.

When I think of the times I’m happiest, I am either 1. surrounded by my bestest friends, or 2. relaxing in my apartment with coffee on a Sunday morning…perhaps with a donut and a newspaper.

Neither of those involve money, but they do involve me not working, so money has to be in somewhat good condition for those things to happen. Am I making sense?

I feel like I’m rambling now, so…Gizzy?

I’m with Lucky in that I kind of think money could buy happiness.  But if money wasn’t a factor what really makes me happy is being at the beach.  I know that sounds corny, but it’s true. The beach is really the only place that I go where my mind doesn’t wander to other things, I can really clear my head there and it’s pretty amazing.  It helps if my friends and/or family are there being happy with me, but I can be happy there by myself too. I’m going to keep this short and sweet cause I’m hungover as bejesus right now and can’t see straight let alone type words that make sense. 

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