4. What/Where is a place you’d like to travel to…

4. What/where is a place you’d like to travel to, with who, & what would you do?


There are so many places I’d like to travel to, and sometimes I wish I had a super hot, sweet guy to take me there. But, I really really want to go to London. I want to shop. I want to have lattes on the sidewalk.

And it sounds cheesy, but I really want to go with Gizzy! We have been saving for a Euro-trip for awhile now, and I hope in a few years we’ll actually be able to do it! I know, or I’ve heard, that I will just love it!

You know what, before I even read what Lucky wrote I was thinking EUROPE WITH LUCKY! Cause we have talked about it basically our whole lives.  What is better than traipsing the streets of London, Paris, and Milan with your best friend? Nothing. I think if when we go we might not ever come back.  We are so mushy. BFF love!

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