Well, that was a #Fail.

At the advice of my friends, I called Matt back two days later.

And got his voicemail. So I left a message.

And you can imagine how pissed I was when I didn’t hear back from him two days after that. So, being the mature, classy mother fuck that I am, I sent him a text message saying that I would just rather assume he was abducted by aliens than continue bothering him for the closure that I deserved.

He replied my text a day later saying this:

I’m back from a camping trip with some coworkers… Sorry, no phones allowed there, but not a good excuse for not texting earlier. I was a little intimidated when you told me not to call with the usual it’s not you it’s me stuff too I suppose. Anyway, I’m basically a huge mess of life and my head is all wrong right now. Never been so out of sorts. Sorry you’re the one to get all the fallout from that. It’s not very fair.


Excuse me while I get my magnifying glass to search for his balls.

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