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Alright, here goes…

Hey yoooooooo!

I’m really glad to say that I’m feeling a lot better this week. After being so stressed out last week, I decided to hunker down over the weekend and get a TON of work done, which resulted in earning some extra cash to help me pay some bills.

The weight is slowing being lifted.

Meanwhile, these past two months, I’ve totally just been feeling BORED with myself. Yes, I’ve got friends and I’m still going to the gym and blogging and my freelance work, and my regular job, but I’m still just always by myself, and sometimes I feel like I’m just sick of hanging out with myself!

I mean I’m cool, but… not that cool.

And so, I decided to make another profile for online dating.

If you recall, last summer I spent 30 days, and also 30 dollars, just to email a ton of people, meet one, and ultimately be REJECTED by him after just one coffee meetup.

It was stupid and I felt like I paid money to get rejected and feel like shit about myself, when I do that for free on a regular basis.

But since I decided to go with a free online dating option, I feel way less pressure. I feel like even if I just meet people to talk to or to hang out with, that would be really cool.

Having said that, I’ve been on the dating site for less than 48 hours, and I’m happy to say that 41 different dudes have messaged me.

Of course, not all of them are winners. I’m having a few solid conversations though. Here’s the rundown:

1. OutdoorsyGuy

He’s 31, studying at the school I went to, getting his phd. That’s pretty much all I know about him, and we are getting coffee Thursday morning.

2. TattooGuy

Also 31, his birthday was today. He has lots of tattoos. Seems cute, funny. Exchanged probably 20 messages so far.

3. SportsGuy

37. Sports blogger. Pretty cute in a way that I’ve never experienced. Definitely cool to talk to.

4. BeardGuy

33. Beard Guy I am completely digging. Like major. He actually already knows who I am because we have some mutual friends, but I don’t recall actually “meeting” him. So far, he just seems super laid back and cool, and into going on dates, and really likes music. Because of this, he manages a live music venue. Bad for scheduling… and I mean, service industry. I kind of have a bad taste in my mouth from my ex with that… but I feel like I’ll just see where this goes. Right now we’re just messaging… I am hoping he’ll want to meet soon!


See? Look how exciting this is!

I think I’m having an anxiety attack.

Ugh, I’m so sorry that this blog has now become the place I go to when I need to bitch about my job, but lately, that’s all that’s been going on in my life, which is really sad and pathetic, I know.

Yesterday, I filled out my annual evaluation and my boss updated my job description (for a second time) to reflect the work I actual do. She said we’re going to meet sometime this week to have my evaluation, and while I don’t think she will tell me about my raise then, I am really feeling anxious to get these steps underway so I can make plans.

I am feeling so stressed over money right now — I’ve got some pretty massive bills due and some trips coming up and I want to have enough money to spend and have fun, so I’ve been doing a ton of freelance work to make some money appear.

I am just HOPING that I get a decent raise at my job to alleviate some of this stress… I will keep you all posted.

Thanks for listening!

I hate the way you work it.

Work has just been as crazy as ever lately. Here we are, 6 months out from when Fatso got fired, and there’s still no one to fill his position, leaving the 3 of us in my department to cover the extra work.

The thing is, one of the women in in my department, we’ll call her Outback, she doesn’t help us at all. She is eligible for retirement, and she pretty much just sits in her office all day, filing her nails and reading mystery novels.

Sounds pretty nice!

When we (me and my boss) have asked her for help, she says she’s “Not 20 years old,” and that she just doesn’t know how to do it, despite us showing her how several times.

Last week, I finally mentioned something about it to our boss’ boss, and said that this extra work has actually become my work, leaving me no time to do my actual work (work, work, work).

This concerned the big boss, and she turned to Outback and asked, “What are you doing to help?” It was obvious that she’s doing nothing, and so she sat there, and shrugged her shoulders.

This resulted in a talking-to, and a quick change of our job descriptions, and then later, a complete yelling fest between my boss and Outback — no seriously, Outback was in the hallway yelling at my boss: “I DONT KNOW WHAT TO FUCKING DO ANYMORE!”

…And I felt like I was on an episode of Real Housewives, New Jersey.

I left during the yelling match (not because I wanted to, because I had to teach), and so I’m not really sure how it was resolved — or if it was. But ever since then, Outback has been in my office doorway, acting like she gives a damn, and it’s really annoying, because she’s still not doing actual work.

Instead, she’s just replying to emails with, “Okay,” so she can show that she’s “on top of emails.”

I know that it’s not my job to point out the obvious, and so for as long as I can stand it, I’m just going to let my work speak for itself — my boss did tell me last week that she knows I’ve been kicking ass, and doing a great job, so we’ll see if she can put her money where her mouth is.


Well, that was a #Fail.

At the advice of my friends, I called Matt back two days later.

And got his voicemail. So I left a message.

And you can imagine how pissed I was when I didn’t hear back from him two days after that. So, being the mature, classy mother fuck that I am, I sent him a text message saying that I would just rather assume he was abducted by aliens than continue bothering him for the closure that I deserved.

He replied my text a day later saying this:

I’m back from a camping trip with some coworkers… Sorry, no phones allowed there, but not a good excuse for not texting earlier. I was a little intimidated when you told me not to call with the usual it’s not you it’s me stuff too I suppose. Anyway, I’m basically a huge mess of life and my head is all wrong right now. Never been so out of sorts. Sorry you’re the one to get all the fallout from that. It’s not very fair.


Excuse me while I get my magnifying glass to search for his balls.

An update on the update…

Ugh, this week has been CRAZY at work — I cannot tell you just how happy I am that tomorrow is FRIDAY, and I’m really looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday.

Anyway, to give you an update on my date situation… After I was pissed off Tuesday night (last week), he called me Wednesday night. I missed the call due to showering (for once), and called him back.

He told me that what he said was true, work had been crazy ever since he’d returned from vacation, and he hadn’t been feeling well. He also told me that he was a little bummed out after visiting with his friend…

You see, she is a childhood friend — his best friend — and he met her girlfriend, who lives with her, and he said it just felt different, like he knows they’re going to get married, and he felt like his friendship would be different because of it.

To me, that was understandable, but wasn’t really making up for the weird way he’d been acting.

And then he really said it…

He told me that while he was out of town, he had a visit with his ex girlfriend.


Oddly, I knew she lived in the city he was visiting, because on our first date, I asked him about his last serious relationship. He told me that he dated this girl for a year, and he got a job offer 15,000 miles away. She looked for jobs in the same city, got one, and moved there. When he started packing his boxes, his job fell through…

So now she lives there (has lived there for a year) and he lives here.

I don’t know if that was the first time they saw each other since all of that happened, and I don’t know if they tried the whole long-distance thing.

What he told me was that they met up, and she told him that she hated her boyfriend (umm, ok) and she decided that since she was never going to find love, she was just going to focus on her career.

Dear God.

He said he felt guilty. Really guilty.

He also said he wasn’t even going to tell me about it because, “it isn’t a big deal, she lives 15,000 miles away…” but obviously it was a big enough deal for him to act weird toward me.

Really, that was a week ago and it was the last time we talked. He ignored my text in the following days afterward, and told our mutual friend who set up up that he “needed to call Lucky.”

He called me last night, and I didn’t answer it, because I’m trying to avoid that whole “It’s not you, it’s me” conversation… he left a voicemail, which said:

“Hey Lucky, it’s Matt. I wanted to touch base with you a little bit because I haven’t really been in contact. So, give me a call, or I’ll shoot you a text, and we’ll touch base then. Have a good night. Bye.”


An up-DATE.

I know you were all waiting on pins and needles for me to talk about my second date! I’m sorry I’ve waited so long to update you all, but to make it up to you, I’ll give you the dirt on BOTH of the dates we’ve had since our 1st one. Yes, we’ve gone on three dates! How?!

I’ll call him ENFJ, because those are his Meyer’s Brigg’s letters and that’s how we were setup in the first place — we are compatible in personality test results.

Anyway, for our second date, he picked me up and he had a bouquet of flowers! I’ve gotten flowers before, but usually they’ve been sent to my office or house (nothing wrong with either of those), never in-person. It was very sweet.

We went to the sushi place on the roof, where he made a reservation, so we were seated right away. We decided to order several rolls and share them, and the food was delicious. Since the place has a great view, we got drinks and went outside to enjoy it. Then, we took another stroll downtown, and headed back to the bar we went to after our first date.

There, we were talking to some people near us who offered to take our picture. It was a little too soon for that, but we took the picture and it turned out very cute.

When he drove me home, things were flirty, so I wasn’t surprised when we had a tiny make out session on my front stoop. He is a great kisser (major score).

He had plans to head out of town that week, so we went awhile without really talking or making plans to see each other. When he got back in town, I was getting ready to leave for vacation, so I asked him if he’d be down for meeting up mid-week so we could see each other.

He was down, so I drove the hour to see him after work last Wednesday for date #3.

We went to an upscale burger joint for food and a drink, then drove to a close cocktail bar where I had a champagne beverage and he had bourbon.

We got in some nice conversation before heading back to his house, where he asked me if I wanted to stay the night. I said I would, and we had a nice (innocent) cuddle and kissing session within the confines of his comfy bed.

In the morning, he was very sweet (shoulder kisses) and I left when he left for work.

I was honestly blown away. He’s so sweet, and sexy, and things are smooth.

But nothing stays that way, right?

When we were snuggling in his bed, I told him that sometimes I get the vibe that he doesn’t like me. He seemed confused as to why, because he does like me. I told him I just felt like he never really talked to me outside of our dates.

Since I said something, it hasn’t changed, and it gives me this uneasy feeling like he really is just not interested. And hey, I get it, not everyone is going to be into me. I can be a handful, I know.

But at this point, we’re adults, and we’ve spent some significant amount of time together, so he needs to let me know. So instead of sitting there, worrying about it, I chose to text him last night and ask him what was up. This was his reply:

“No, that’s not it. Work has been off the wall since I got back and I’ve been feeling a little sick too. It’s definitely not you at all!”

I said, “Okay.”

Around 8:40 pm, he texted me that he was still at work and could I talk tomorrow. I was pretty pissed off, so I told him I’d see how I felt.

My friend told me this was bitchy, but hear me out.

It’s this whole “busy” thing — that shit gets on my nerves. It is the number one thing that pisses me off, actually. I’ve heard it from every single guy I’ve dated, and you know what? They are busy. Busy fucking other women.

Can someone be busy not fucking someone? Yes, of course. But you’re never too busy for someone, unless you’re not interested. So to me, he ain’t interested, OR he’s too busy for me.

Me? I’m dating to get into a relationship. So if he’s the kind of guy that I can’t talk to because his work is busy, then I’m not sure he’s the guy for me. What do you all think?

There’s a great bathroom debate!

My office has been having a lot of bathroom issues lately.

It’s not as gross as it sounds, I promise.

In November, they told us the women’s bathroom on our second floor (where there is both a men’s and a women’s restroom with multi-stalls) was “Out of order” and couldn’t be used.

I didn’t ask questions and started going to the 1st floor bathroom, which is a one-holer…and freezing cold, if I might add.

But when a month passed, and our bathroom was still broken, people started asking questions. We found out that all of the toilets in the bathroom worked, there were just broken tiles on the floor. So, a construction crew came, ripped up the broken tiles, and then we never saw them again.

So, I started using the second floor bathroom (at my own risk) and simply avoiding the parts of the floor with no tiles. Didn’t bother me much. Well, it’s May, and the tiles are still missing (as well as the construction crew).

Last Friday, a chain of emails started in the office regarding our current bathroom situation. Please enjoy:

Hello, Staff.
This is to let everyone know Jason has decided that the men’s room on the 2nd floor will now be used by the ladies since there are more women than men on that floor.  So, gentlemen, please don’t use that restroom after today.  Also, I have a “Women’s Restroom” sign to tape to the door if someone would like to come downstairs and put it up there for me.  (Ladies, I recommend not using it until the sign is on the door in case the men should forget.)

*   *   *

RE: 2nd floor men’s bathroom

So if we are confined to the men’s bathroom on the first floor near the mini conference room, we are either going to need a lock on the door or a divider put up by the urinal. I can’t speak for everyone, but there are certain types of exposure I tend to shy away from. -Steve

*   *   *

RE: 2nd floor men’s bathroom

Remind me why they can’t fix the ladies’ room on the second floor? Jim

*   *   *

RE: 2nd floor men’s bathroom

Guys, I guess we’re in the dog pound now for no fault of our own, this is why I choose to have 2 restrooms to myself at home. Frank

*   *   *

The bathroom by the staircase is unisex and the door locks in that one. The other bathroom can be awkward. Ernie

*   *   *

Christine, would you mind asking Facility Services to put a lock on the men’s room door on the first floor, or make some other suggestions for how to improve that facility? All the guys, from Jason on down, have commented that it has a very awkward set up. Thanks!

No, this is where I work. Let that sink in for a minute.

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