L & G Fun Fax

Can’t get enough of Lucky & Gizzy? We figured not. It’s important you know your trusty bloggers—after all, don’t take candy from strangers, right? So, in honor of our 100th post {which happened October 29, 2010}, we came up with 100 fun facts on ourselves. Because those are the kind of bloggers we are, the bloggers who care…in other words, the bloggers who have no life. So read up, and be ready for a quiz, which will come in the form of a dark alley, accessorized with blindfolds, weapons, and brown paper bags.

100 Fun Facts on Lucky & Gizzy

1. Gizzy will not eat boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings unless they are accompanied by Bud Light Lime and buffalo chips and cheese with 2 cups of ranch.  Some call this OCD.

2. Lucky has a massive fear of soggy bread, which she thinks derived from watching people throw bread at ducks in a pond at a young age. As a result, she doesn’t eat stuffing, dumplings, bread bowls, or double-decker sandwiches. (G Note: HAHA Should’ve thrown them some QUACKERS! God, I am funny.)

3. Gizzy puts on 3 coats of burts bees chapstick every night before bed. More OCD.

4. Lucky’s favorite movie has, and always will be, Home Alone.

5. Gizzy habitually eats old candy out of the bottom of her purse in front of people and thinks it’s ok.

6. Lucky’s lucky numbers are 3, 7, and 35.

7. Gizzy’s first job was at Osh Kosh B’Gosh where she remained for 6 years, well into college.

8. Lucky hates Dan Brown. And wishes him a painful death.

9. Gizzy sleeps with a giant stuffed pink flamingo.

10. Lucky is currently on the hunt for a faux fur vest. Eat that, PETA.

11. Gizzy suffers from insomnia which is really hurting her chances at ever getting a real job but enables her to think with new inventors via late night infomercials.

12. Lucky knows how to play one song on the guitar: The Nicest Thing by Kate Nash.

13. Gizzy and Lucky have recently discovered if they attend their 1o year high school reunion it will be exactly like Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.  Instead of inventing the post it, they have decided to purchase cubic zirconia rings and say their fiances are in London making deals.

14. Lucky wishes MTV would’ve had a second season of “Rich Girls,” starring Ali Hilfiger.

15. Gizzy’s mother agreed to let her name her little sister (Ella) because there is a good chance she will never get to name a child of her own.

16. Lucky knows everyone hates Dane Cook, but she still thinks he is hot and really funny.

17. Gizzy lost her virginity drunk, high, in a frat shower and under blue christmas lights to her ex-boyfriend, and moments later found out he had a new girlfriend. She is scarred for life.

18. Gizzy & Lucky were mildly obsessed with Justin Timberlake’s debut solo album, Justified.

19. Gizzy can text at the rate of 150 wpm.

20. Lucky is convinced that John Mayer is indeed the love of her life. No seriously, she isn’t just saying that. She truly believes that is why love hasn’t worked with anyone else.

21. Gizzy doesn’t care, she will watch Full House reruns and laugh at them like they are new until the day she dies.

22. Lucky auditioned for Playboy when she was in college. No, she didn’t make it. Only because she didn’t eff the photographer.

23. Gizzy strives to be fashionable but fails and fails again.

24. Lucky & Gizzy met over an out-of-control love for Hanson. That, and their phone numbers were one-digit different from each other’s.

25. Gizzy got dumped in high school by a guy with 2 letters for a name who she didn’t know was her boyfriend until he stated, “I just don’t like calling you my girlfriend.”

26. Lucky lives on the second floor of an apartment complex because she thinks she has less of a chance of getting robbed.

27. On senior spring break in high school Gizzy finally drunkenly made out with her high school crush in a bed in her and Lucky’s hotel room, then threw up on him.  A girl who would later become his girlfriend did the exact same thing the following night.

28. Lucky saves all of her ticket stubs.

29. Once Gizzy got hired as the assistant manager of the snack shop at a golf course and got fired after a month for being too awesome.

30. Lucky has never smoked weed. Ever. And she never will.

31. Gizzy firmly believes her life should play out like a romantic comedy.

32. Lucky’s favorite cereal is Lucky Charms. She eats the bread/cereal first, then the marshmallows.

33. Gizzy went to college for pre-med, then discovered frat parties.

34. Lucky & Gizzy purposely bought each other silver flasks for Christmas one year.

35. The only condiment Gizzy will eat is ketchup, and lots of it.

36. Lucky was a bartender in college…and afterward. She got fired for “not being slutty enough.”

37. Gizzy could eat nacho cheese doritos until the cows come home.  Even after stepdad told her he found rat poop in a bag of them once.

38. Lucky has fond memories of riding her tricycle indoors as a child.

39. Gizzy had diarrhea in her pants on the first day of 8th grade during a convocation in the school gym and stayed until the end.

40. Lucky is a Mac. (G too! And damn proud of it!)

41. Once Gizzy flashed an ex-boyfriend in the Red Lobster.

42. One of Lucky’s favorite books is Truman Capote’s, In Cold Blood.

43. Lucky and Gizzy were ecstatic when Kelsey Grammer followed them on twitter.  He is their new favorite celeb.

44. Lucky was the captain of her high school dance team.

45. Her freshman year of high school Gizzy tried to convince a guy to let her practice making out with him for her senior boyfriend. He said no.

46. Lucky & Gizzy played a game of speed on Lucky’s 19th birthday. Instead of beer, they drank screwdrivers. They believe they both barfed glitter, and Lucky was convinced she was going to die at 19.

47. Gizzy refuses to wear the color brown.

48. Lucky hasn’t been able to take a shot of Rumplemintz since she got sick from it. Jager, however, is a different story.

49. Gizzy will go out as a braless hippie as often as possible.

50. Lucky secretly wants to be like Carrie Underwood and marry a professional hockey player (you know, if John Mayer doesn’t come to his senses).

51. This is totally disgusting, but sometimes Gizzy thinks that after a big ol’ poop she’ll have no problem giving birth to a baby.

52. Lucky enjoys every movie featuring Vince Vaughn.

53. Gizzy likes to drink Goldschlager just because the little gold pieces cut your throat and she thinks it makes her more badass.

54. It isn’t a rare thing for Lucky to turn on Bonnie Raitt’s greatest hits and sing a full-fledged concert to no one, using a broom for a microphone.

55. Gizzy has an odd obsession with monkeys.

56. Lucky hasn’t watched an episode of The Office since they ripped the wedding dance from YouTube.

57. If the guys from The Buried Life came to Gizzy’s town and asked what she wanted to do before she died she would say, “Be inducted into the Cyrus family.”

58. If she wasn’t a writer, Lucky would want to be a chef. Maybe one day, she’ll be both.

59. Gizzy’s middle name is Rae.  Gizzy Rae Cyrus, at your service.

60. Lucky is an only child.

61. Gizzy aspires to one day be a good enough bowler that someone will ask her to join a league.

62. In high school, Lucky saw a psychic who told her that her parents would get divorced. And they did.

63. Gizzy likes to play The Sims (nerd alert) and recently forced her male rockstar sim to father 24 children, for funsies.

64. Lucky drinks dark beer, and as far as wine, she loves Merlot and Malbec. Mixed drink? Stoli and soda with one lime.

65. At age 7 Gizzy broke her arm and was stung by a pack of jellyfish.  On the same day.  Which happened to be Easter.

66. Lucky & Gizzy wore acrylic nails their senior year of high school. And it still didn’t help them get guys.

67. Gizzy was kicked out of a bar in college for her friend Dave’s 21st birthday for throwing a glass of water at the bartender because he cut her off.

68. If Lucky could eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be french fries. Or anything with peanut butter.

69. Gizzy tried to 69 once and failed. (Lucky says, for rizzle? How do you fail at that?)(Gizzy says, gravity and weak arms.)

70. Lucky once had a job as a carhop, slinging fried tenderloins and ice cream.

71. Gizzy eats her hamburgers plain with nothing on them.

72. Lucky is certain that Tu-Pac is alive, but not Biggie. She also thinks Aliyah was reincarnated to become Ashanti.

73. Gizzy’s drink choices are as follows: Captain Morgan, Red Wine, and Bud Light Lime.

74. Lucky goes to the movies by herself more than she does with friends.

75. As a child Gizzy idolized Baywatch.

76. Lucky does not have an iPhone. She rocks a red Blackberry curve.

77. Gizzy was kicked out of another bar in college for falling asleep in a booth.

78. Gizzy & Lucky both have horrible eyesight, resulting in contacts and coke bottle glasses.

79. Gizzy was kicked out of a 3rd and final bar in college for standing on a table after the San Diego Chargers beat the Chicago Bears and screaming, “VICTORY BITCHES!” Gizzy does not like football and does not recall this, but heard it happened.

80. Lucky is a jealous person. She is envious of the rich and famous, anyone who is engaged or married, and anyone who drives a nicer car than her.

81. For Halloween in 8th grade Lucky threw a “Dress As Your Favorite Musician” party.  Gizzy dressed as Zac Hanson and Lucky as Alanis Morisette.

82. Lucky has naturally blond hair, but has dyed it dark brown for the last six years.

83. Gizzy will lie about her college gpa to anyone who will listen.

84. Lucky has only been out of the country once, on a cruise to Cozumel. She came close when she visited the Virgin Islands, but it doesn’t count.

85. On her 21st birthday, Gizzy took 26 shots and did not throw up, on her roommates 21st birthday Gizzy took 26 shots and threw up a whole cheesestick.

86. Lucky wants to start reading Lauren Conrad’s book series, and the Style book.

87. Gizzy worked at Victoria’s Secret for 1 month last Christmas in order to get a free bra for going through training.

88. Lucky agrees with ex-countess Luann, that “Money can’t buy you class,” but she still wants a lot of it.

89. Gizzy dry heaves when she sees snakes.

90. Lucky isn’t a movie buff. And she is especially bad at remembering names of actors/actresses.

91. Gizzy and Lucky once made out with the same guy in the same night.  His name was Karl.  They both slept on couches in his frat house living room in sleeping bags.

92. Lucky donates money to the local food bank each Thanksgiving.

93. Gizzy donates her time to the local American Legion Post in order to drink free beer.

94. Lucky doesn’t like Tyra or Oprah, and it’s because they’re annoying, not because they’re black.

95. Gizzy painted her bedroom red in high school and her parents still cringe at the sight of it.

96. Gizzy & Lucky both have huge racks (or, booberries).

97. Gizzy is a certified hypochondriac.

98. Lucky wears a pair of pink argyle slippers around her apartment (or white sweater boots, or leopard slippers).

99. Gizzy and Lucky almost got arrested once for underage drinking while home for the summer from college at a friend’s lakehouse.  The only words exchanged during the encounter: Gizzy to Lucky -> “We’re going to jail.”

100. Lucky has painted all of the paintings in her apartment (total: 8).

6 thoughts on “L & G Fun Fax

  1. kuan says:

    How can any sane person come up with a hundred fun facts about themselves? You gals are incredible and you’ve made me realise how boring I am!!!

    Both of you are the living proof to the quote of “live life to the fullest”!

  2. […] There. There’s my 7 facts. And if you want to know EVEN MORE about me, and Gizzy, check out our 100 facts page. […]

  3. Tom Baker says:

    Gizzy, my guest blogger tomorrow can help you with number 23. Lucky, I don’t like Tyra either.

  4. Matthew says:

    Lucky – I just read through this again (work day slowed down) and realized we have a strange amount of things in common. Felt that needed to be shared to help my last 20 minutes of work go by.

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