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A Dinner with Sweater Vest

My bad guys, I forgot to write a post on Wednesday.  With that being said, TGIF!

This summer is starting out with a bang, and I’m trying to get out of my normal hum-de-dum lazy haze and do some things so that I’m not sitting at work watching the seasons change out the window like a tool.

Tuesday night I had dinner with Dina and wait for it…. Sweater Vest.  I know our dear friend Just Married Girl just got really excited!

I arrived at the restaurant first and SV came in a few minutes later.  Dina was, as always, 30 minutes late.  By the time she arrived SV and I were each 2 beers and an appetizer in, and had already caught up on the past 4 years.

He casually mentioned that he had a girlfriend, which I already knew because of facebook.  But it’s weird, we had a thing back in the day and I didn’t want it to be inappropriate if I asked questions so I just dropped it there.

Another beer later Dina brought up the girlfriend and asked when she was coming to visit.  Apparently the girl lives halfway across the country, who knows how they met.  But he mentioned that she’s moving to The Big City in a month and they are going to live together.  AND if that goes well he’s going to propose by the end of the year.

I’M SORRY! But how did this happen? Not 6 months ago SV was up Dina’s ass to get us to hang out, which I made excuses over and over that I was busy and now he’s engaged to be engaged?

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not interested in SV in that way, I semi have High School Crush now (Grand Prize, I win!) but is this what happens in adult relationships? If you have been dating the person for 6 months and you don’t hate each other it’s time to move in and get married?

This is just a little too much for me to handle, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that if I get a serious boyfriend I might have to take a poop while he’s under the same roof.  Or after 6 months I might start doing my nightly before bed rituals in front of him (chapstick, chapstick, chapstick, hair in an ugly girl bun, baggy t-shirt, and shorts – shacker style).  HSC and I have been talking for 6 months and I haven’t even let him see me without make up on yet but in SV’s world we could be engaged to be engaged.  The best part was that Sweater Vest’s reason for being engaged to be engaged was, “We’re compatiable, so why not?” PSHHHHHHHHH!  OK!

Clearly I’m not at the same emotional maturity level of SV and we’ll just leave it at that.  To make matters better, Dina wants the three of us to go out again tonight to get pants shitting drunk. Hrmph.

Wednesday night I got a text from 2nd Crush saying he was coming up to the big city Saturday night and asked if I wanted to hang.  I failed to mention that the last time I saw 2nd Crush was a few months back when I was face deep in HSC’s mouth… HSC and I spent the night at Chuck’s house, as did 2nd Crush and his partner in crime.  At one point in the night I went into the living room and found 2nd Crush and his friend sitting on the couch each wearing a woman’s big floppy hat just having a chat. 2nd Crush was all, “Who is this guy you’re with? I don’t know him!” and I was all, “Um mind your own beeswax, Grandma!” and we really haven’t talked since then.

If I’m not too hungover from the night out with SV and Dina that I’ll probably end up bailing on anyway, maybe I’ll go… for the blog.

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Just answer the friggin’ question, Leo.

Yesterday, was a shitty day…to begin with. I was having ridiculous trouble getting sources for a freelance assignment I’ve been working on and it was really pissing me off, because the story goes to press like yesterday.

I was all fired up over it, until I got home to see that my carpets hadn’t been cleaned…when I had them scheduled to be cleaned. Now, yeah this seems like no big deal. But it is. I don’t have time for this shit. I spent my Wednesday evening moving all my furniture into the areas of my apartment that aren’t carpeted. I had planned to spend Thursday evening moving it all back onto clean carpet, since I have a date tonight (what if he wants to come inside the apartment) and since I have company arriving Saturday morning. But I told them to come today anyway, so I’m really going to have to scurry with the furniture moving.

But then, something glorious happened. I logged onto Twitter to see that my TV crush, Steven B. Ward from Tough Love, was hosting a live chat on UStream.

Fucking right, doggie.

So I logged on through Twitter and was able to text him my questions about love and dating…and he answered them.

HE ACKNOWLEDGED MY EXISTENCE. Damn, that boy is fiiiiiine.

If you were watching my Tweets last night, I’m sure you witnessed a few of my questions, so sorry. My first question was something along the lines of, “on Tough Love you say you can tell a lot by what a woman wears, so what should we wear?”

His response was…

“Ok, Cocktails Saturday Tiffanys…what a woman wears can tell a man if she’s soft or curvy or classy, so concentrate more on the impression that you’re setting more than if what you’re wearing is something fashionable…men will be attracted to dating a girl who dresses to what they are used to.”

It wasn’t exactly like that and he kind of rambled on, but IT WAS AMAZING. I am obsessed. I mean we were sitting across from each other, both enjoying a brew, talking about dating.

Sign. I’m pathetic and yes I know that’s the closest I’m ever going to come to a date with him.

In other news, it has been one hell of a week. Not necessarily good or bad—just effing balls crazy. I have gathered that some of you are curious about the date I had Monday night. I’ve been debating on whether to share it or not, because it went so good I really have nothing to say about it. But I can give you the scoop anyways.

The guy’s name, I’ll call him Matt…I met him at a wedding a few months ago. He was in the wedding, while I was there to be my friend Leslie’s date. She is friends with him and said, “Matt, have you met my friend Lucky?” He said, “No but I’d love to.” So we met. I didn’t talk to him much at the reception, or really at all. Somehow he ended up sleeping in the hotel room I was sharing with a few friends—I woke up to pee and he was awake on his bed.

“I’m so sorry if I woke you up,” he said.

“You didn’t. It’s fine.”

And that was the extent of our conversation.

About a month ago, I saw him out at a bar with some friends. I approached him and said, “Hey there…remember me?”


“You don’t,” I said.

“Yes, Yes, I do Lucky,” he said. “You just look so good.”

Whatever. I turned and left.

But then of course, I thought of him weeks later and told my friend Stephanie that I was interested…to which she said, “Really? He has such a crush on you!” So then he asked me to dinner and off we went. We had dinner at PF Changs, which is definitely a favorite of mine—orange peel scrimpies, hello LOVUH! He did all the right things—opened my doors for me, asked permission to drink beer, let me pick the appetizer, etc.

There was only one flaw—I had to be the aggressor on the goodnight kiss. ShyGuy would not approve, as he told me women need to let the guy lead. But, I have my own rule: always kiss on the first date. Then you know what you’re dealing with. And I, for one, refuse to deal with a sloppy kisser. It was a good kiss, although just a peck. So I’ll have to check back in on that one.

He asked if he could call me for a second date, I said yes, and he did the next day. I like that he didn’t have to wait for the two day rule or whatever it is guys do now. So there you have it, tonight we are going out for a movie and drinks. I hope I don’t get sloppy wasted and ruin it, because this seems like something good…

And then tomorrow I am going to the airport to pickup a guy who is visiting from states away to see me for four days. Yes, I feel like a two-timing scumbag, even though I am not committed to either one of these guys. Sigh. When it rains, it pours.

While I’m off being a whore, I’m leaving it up to Gizzy to entertain you all for a few days! xoxo

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