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Happy 1 Year Anniversary… To Us!!!

Well it seems as though Lucky and I have a little baybayy that is 1 year old tomorrow.  The blog!  That’s right, tomorrow we will have a special Saturday post, it will be very very serious (not really) about where we were a year ago versus today and where we expect to be a year from now.  A lot has changed!! Anyway, go us… this is the greatest anniversary either of us have had.

So, I called in sick today at work AND skipped boot camp.  I’m such a lazy piece of shit.  Really though, the next few months at my job are about to get straight up cray cray, so they say.  Yesterday they told me from June 1 to September 30th is the busy time and no one is allowed to take off work.  Well Lucky is coming to visit over her birthday and the 4th of July so I told them I was taking a day and a half off while she was here and they’d just have to suck it.  They said a day and a half was fine but no longer.  Fine, assholes.  So I called in sick today.  Mwhahaaaa! Have to use up my time somehow.  We have the whole “use it or lose it” policy.  And the only perk to this job is time off.  I’ve worked there 4 months and already have 2 weeks of time off accrued.  But I can’t take anything but sick days until June 18th, my 6 month anniversary.  And now they tell me really I can’t take anything until September 30th.  Well OKAY! Come September 30th I’m going to have to take a month and a half off so that I don’t lose all my vacation.  Fine by me.  But it’s whatever.  So today is my Gizzy day.  

On my day off, I plan to pack my bag for home and trash my room at the apartment.  JM is having a bachelor party of 12 guys this weekend stay at our place.  No offense to him, but I don’t want any drunk fool thinking they can come crash on my bed and pee/semen it, whatever it is drunk guys do in their sleep.  Disgusting.

My plan:

Strip my dungeon & bed of any sheets, blankets, pillows, and anything soft that they think they could potentially pass out on. Then, I’m going to take apart my closet and throw my clothes on hangers all over my bed along with some totes and other items.  If someone wants to sleep on my bed with no pillows and no blankets they’re going to have to work to get to it.  It’s pretty pathetic that this is what I have to do, but I guess that’s how living with inconsiderate guys goes.  It just sucks I can’t lock my curtains.

Not to mention JM is moving out in a week, so of course he won’t care if they trash anything and damage our apartment.  I’m honestly scared to what I will come back to on Monday.  SPEAKING OF, I get this email from Anth the other day about the whole “roommate situation”:

What do you want to do about next month’s rent? Tim definitely will not have his mind made up yet and I don’t think his lease is up until like August.  So do you want to move upstairs until he moves in, Gizzy? Not sure how else we could do it.

This is really starting to irritate me.  I thought Tim’s decision was made that’s why I was getting the boot?!!!!! UGHH!!!!! I agreed to it but told them I would NOT be paying the same amount that JM pays for the room because I am getting screwed.  And if Tim decides he wants to move in two weeks from now he can forget it.  I will move out at the end of August and only at the end of August.  I hate men, or boys rather.  And, I’m NOT paying a security deposit, and I’m NOT cleaning up after anyone else ANY. MORE. 

Now that I have sufficiently wasted 10 minutes of everyones day complaining about my life, I’ll get off my rant and leave everyone to have a mediocre Friday.  See you bright and early for the anniversary special!!! Why don’t we have a reality show?

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He’s a little…out of your league.

Well I just finished day 2 of boot camp, literally 10 minutes ago.  I could puke.  Day 1 wasn’t so bad, everyone takes their “Before”pictures and gets measurements taken and all that jazz.  So after day 1 I treated myself to a bacon egg and cheese biscuit  from McDonalds, it will be the last time we touch lips for some time.  Anyway, Anth didn’t go to the first day because he was out of town and by the looks of the instructors and the rest of the people in the class I knew it wouldn’t be his cup of tea.  He’s really in shape and thinks the amount he can bench press should impress girls and told me first hand he wants nothing to do with “downward facing dog.”

When day 2 rolled around this morning we pulled up about 4 minutes till 5 and the instructor (we’ll call her Nazi-Whore) walks outside and starts clapping her hands at us, “Come on! You’re late, last one in the building runs an extra mile.” Excusie? We are not late.  YOU were 10 minutes late the first day so shut your Nazi-Whore hole.  Neither Anth nor myself enjoys people who think they can boss us around so we both may have trouble with the Nazi-Whore because she was like that the entire fricking time.  The first exercise? Downward facing dog.  Bahaha!  Which by the way was perfect for someone like me who hates to work out and rarely does so.  I think in the end it will give me the results I’m looking for (a toned non-muscular beach bod.)  Anth thought it was “gay” but agreed to keep going because “it will get him in even better shape,” tool.  He totes loved it.  The only thing he complained about was stretching his ass infront of all the people that were walking in for the 6am class.  Mwhahaha.

Anyway, summer is vastly approaching and that means… summer looooove!!  Since I am officially revirginized I have to pick someone to give up my 3rd virginity to.  Yes, this over 1 year since any woopie has happened once before, in college.  My sorority sisters had a ceremony for my “pure soul” and I had to give a speech (it was good, it included bible versus by candlelight and will be posted in due time), then we all went out and got pants shitting drunk to try and get me some sex.  Which didn’t happen for another 4 or 5 months, so I still have a few months before I break my record.

But, yesterday I thought I had potentially locked down a doctor at lunch.  I sat at the “singles” bar where all of the people who don’t have any friends to eat with sit and stare at the wall.  I sat down next to a woman doctor and a few minutes later a hot young surgeon sat down next to me.  Well, hello hellooooo.  I was reading Lucky’s post for yesterday while I ate my burger when the Doctor says, “Whatcha reading there? A blog? What’s it about? It’s so hard to find interesting blogs.”  I quickly closed out the browser and said, “Yeah… the site I’m reading is pretty meh, I think I’ll look for something more compelling.” Totes not trying to knock our blog but I cannot have people at my workplace reading this.  #1 I would abso get fired for talking so much shit #2 What if this doctor would’ve asked me out right after I told him I have this blog where me and my best friend rant about all of our sexual escapades and relationship failures? The stuff on the blog is like 1 year anniversary material.  So anyway, I don’t know if he saw the name or the web address, we could potentially have a new reader… Ellooo doctor! Or maybe he was just trying to make small talk so he could ask me out and then changed his mind because I’m such a spaz.   Who knows.

After it seemed as though my ultimate plan of finding a doctor to love me was taking a turn for the better I came home and started telling Anth about it, he could’ve cared less.  Then Lucky starts telling me about how she is going to see the Hangover 2 this weekend and I’m all, “Anth! The Hangover 2 comes out this weekend, we gotta go see it next week!” And he’s all, “No, we have to go see Thor, my friend who is in it is coming to visit in a few weeks and how big of assholes will we be if none of us have seen it?” Hold the bus, “Your friend was in THOR, THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE!!!??? How many lines does he have?” “Ummm he was like one of the main characters?” This sparked an idear in my head, “Do you think he’ll want to be my boyfriend?” Anth cracked up and was all, “Maaaaaybbeeee… but he’s a little…out of your league.  I mean, he’s a movie star.”  Well asshole, obviously I was kidding but now I am going to make it my life goal to lose my 3rd virginity to Anth’s friend in Thor.  I started boot camp for Pete’s sake, in 2 weeks I am going to look DAMN GOOD! I mean for real, I have to set some goals for myself or I won’t keep going to boot camp.  So, thanks Anth… you just motivated me to lose 5 pounds.  Dick.

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