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Missing Girl

It’s finally Friday and I personally could not be happier.  I’m heading home for the weekend to see an old friend and hang out with my wang out.  I’m so thankful to get away from the boys for the weekend, they’re driving me insane.  Anth mentioned “having to put up with my bitchiness lately” after I told him I wasn’t home and couldn’t preheat the oven for him, like really? Assholes.

Anyway, has anyone been following this missing student case at Indiana University? I’ve never found myself reading up on these missing persons cases but this one has particularly caught my attention.  I had a good friend from high school move to Indiana to work at IU after college, 2 summers ago Betty and I made the jaunt to visit her there and we went to this Kilroy’s Sports Bar that this girl was at the night she disappeared.  

First I’ll say I wasn’t impressed with it, it was definitely a sketchy bar in a super sketchy area and we met sketchy people while we were there.  My friend’s sister was visiting the same weekend and some how found these guys in from out of town.  They said they had a cabin in the woods and we should all come back with them.  Betty and I instantly said no but my friend and her sister wanted to smoke pot and these guys had it so of course they were all for it.  

Eventually we got my friend and her sister to agree it wasn’t a good idea and tell the guys we were just going home.  They insisted on giving us a ride to our car that was like a mile away maybe since it was raining out and all.  I of course noticed that the driver was pounding shots all night saying how wasted he was who then insisted he was fine.  We got in because we were stupid and thought what was the worst that could happen if they were just driving us down the street? 

Me, Betty, my friend, and her sister were all in the back row of the Tahoe and there were 5-6 guys in the front and middle rows.  The next thing I know they pass the car and head into the woods  East of the city “toward their cabin.”  I freaked out and started beating on the window with an umbrella that was in the back seat demanding they let us out.  They refused to stop so I started screaming that I was calling the police if they didn’t let us out.  Finally when I put the phone on speaker as I dialed 911 the guy pulled over and Betty, my friend and I all jumped out while her sister sat in the car and insisted on going to this cabin.  Really?!! Dumbass.  So we coaxed her out of the car and suddenly the guys wanted to be nice guys and were all, “We’re not leaving you in the middle of the woods.” And I’m all, “Well we’re not getting back in your damn car you creeps.” So they drove off and left us. 

We walked a while to we made it to some Boy Scout post and I 411ed us a cab – that never came.  After a while I called another one and finally at 5am one of them actually came.  Scariest night of my life, hands down; I can only imagine what that poor girl has gone through.  That night showed me how easy it would be to get abducted by someone and not even realize it until it was too late I was relatively sober and still felt helpless, I couldn’t even begin to imagine being as inebriated as the news articles are saying she was and have someone abduct you or have a friend harm you.  Just wow. None the less, this girl has been on my mind a lot the past few weeks and I hope they find her soon safe and sound.

In other news…like Lucky mentioned yesterday, we did our single girl date night alone Wednesday night.  My night started out a little rough but ended up an overall success I’d say.  My whole plan was to go to this bar where I thought the wallstreet type hung out after work.  I wandered around the building and only found a public transit station.  Blah! (Which I drove by again today and there is definitely a bar there! I just don’t know how to get to it.  Blast!)

Anyway, after 30 minutes of searching for a parking spot and another 30 wandering the downtown streets I finally came across a little pub attached to a non-franchise high class hotel.  From the outside looking in all I saw were men in suits. Ba-ba-BINGO! 

I walked in, told the hostess I’d sit at the bar, and made my way down the right side of the bar looking for a seat (the place was packed!) A (hot) guy jumped up and told me I could have his seat because he had been sitting all day, the seat was directly behind a giant pole, but who was I to complain?  I thanked him, sat down, and ordered a glass of Merlot.  

Then, the guy leans in over my shoulder and says, “I know I gave you my seat, but you have to promise not to have too great of a conversation with that pole.”  I giggled and messed with my hair.  I’m not good at flirting anymore, like what should I have said? Do you want to go next door and get a room? IDK! Then he asked if I was meeting anyone there.  I told him no, that I was just stopping in for a drink after work to avoid the bad traffic.  He told me I was a smart girl and then just lingered around for the next 10-15 minutes until he disappeared forever.  During his lingering time the guy next to me offered to scoot down so the guy could sit next to me and he declined.  Sad 😦 I feel like I should’ve made an attempt to keep the convo going, but I was so nervous!

The guy who was sitting next to me later apologized for offering the hot guy his seat.  He claimed he thought we were together and that he thought the guy wanted to sit next to me. No, no, I’m not that cool. YET! Sighhhh…. It was a good first attempt at the Patti Stanger project, I guess.

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Oh by the way, I’m married.

From today forward Tuesdays are going to be known as Shit on Gizzy Day.  Does everyone remember Little Mikey (name courtesy of Bridget over at Girls With Prius Envy, thanks Bridget!) the guy I met at the copy machine at work? Things have slowly progressed, I would venture to call us friends with a mild flirtation at this point.  We talk almost daily and make eyes at each other when I walk past his office.  At least that’s what I thought was going on.  Normally I am not one to mix up signals, but like with many other things my ripe old age of 26 is wearing on me.

The signal mixing happened yesterday afternoon after my boss’s boss emailed everyone in our department (Little Mikey is in another department so he didn’t get the email) saying that the company had purchased club seats to several of our local baseball team’s games this week if anyone was interested.  I emailed back that I wanted 2 and was given tickets for the Saturday game.  Jaaaaackkkpoooot.  When I asked for the tickets it was mainly because I knew I’d never have the opportunity to sit in club seats again, and then I remembered Little Mikey is a huge fan of the team, and this was my in.

I scoured my desk for something I needed Little Mikey’s assistance on and ran into his office.  We had our work chat and then I told him about the tickets, he was immediately green with envy and I thought, “This is it! He’s going to say he wants to come and I can invite him and we’ll fall in love!” Well Little Mikey never asked to come so I just strutted away thinking I’d come back later and give it a second shot.

Not 30 seconds after I had been back at my desk Little Mikey walked up and started the conversation back up.  We talked for a few minutes about how awesome it was that I got these tickets because he’s been with the company 2 years and hasn’t ever gotten tickets like this.  Then he dropped the bomb up that when he first started with the company he had a broken arm and everyone joked that his wife beat him.  Hold the bus.

YOUR WIFE???????!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmm, yeah.  Little Mikey is married.  I’m sure he must’ve seen the disappointment in my face because the conversation stopped right there when I flipped my chair around and went right back to work.  I mean, how do I come back from that? Oh! You have a wife? Great! Let’s do dinner and I’ll bring my child molester roommate as my date.

*Story intermission*

I don’t think I’ve told everyone about how Anth is dating a 20 year old.  I mean a 6 year difference is NBD later in life.  But she can’t legally drink alcohol and they have already had a pregnancy scare.  We don’t refer to her by her name, only as the 20 year old.   That’s really all you need to know, but more to come on this at a later date…

*End intermission*

The tragedy of hearing Little Mikey is married pretty much ruined my whole day.  Honest to god he is the only decent looking man I’ve seen in the past 3 months between the hours of 9am and 5pm and I don’t know what I’m going to do now.  For the sake of my sanity lets do a little analysis and see if my desperation got the best of me or if Little Mikey really was sending out signals that he is single and ready to mingle:

#1 Offering to help me find an apt 2 seconds after meeting me.

#2 The flirting/making eyes.  Ie: making fun of my lunchbox because it’s pink and has a giant owl on it that says, “Whooo recycles? I do!”

#3 He doesn’t wear a wedding ring.

#4 He has never mentioned a woman and/or family or that he communicates with women outside of work.  I was starting to think he’s gay.

#5 He doesn’t have pictures of him and his wife in his office.

#6 His wife’s relationship status on facebook is “No longer listed as married.” Yeah, I’m creepy, I looked but I can’t see his.

#7 His wife never comes to visit/go out to lunch with him.

Clues I should’ve picked up on indicating he’s married:

#1 He’s always gone by dinner time.

#2 He drives a large “family oriented” SUV.

#3 His shirts and pants are always neatly pressed.

#4 He smells nice.

#5 He tells stories about his “buddies” and then later in the story reveals that said buddies are actually 70 year old men.

I guess from here on out I should assume that every man I meet is either married or taken, life just can’t be simple enough to cut me a break and place a hot successful single man right in my lap now can it?

There are certain clues pointing to the fact that Little Mikey could be divorced but come on, that’s just plain unattractive.  He’s only 32.  No offense to anyone who has been divorced – but I’m not into baggage.

So that’s that and I’m back to square 1 and work just got boring again.  I was totally looking forward to things progressing over the years and getting involved in some hot make out seshes in the storage closet and all that sexual tension in meetings.  Ahhh… a girl can dream I guess.

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