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Songs I’m obsessed with right now.

1. White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

2. Royals by Lorde

3. Dear Marie by John Mayer

4. Crooked Smile by J Cole featuring TLC

5. Give it 2 U by Robin Thicke with 2 Chainz

6. Body Party by Ciara

7. Love More by Chris Brown, featuring Nicki Minaj

8. Wait A Minute by Justin Bieber, featuring Tyga

9. Dark Horse by Katy Perry, featuring Juicy J

10. Bass Down Low by DEV, featuring The Cataracs

Those are my JAMS right now! What songs are you dancing to?

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I liked Glee Clubs before it was cool

It’s no secret that my life has been a little… how shall I say it… boring.  Lucky is over here getting Bartled and Jamesed left and right and I’m at home playing with my sims.  It makes me think of the Sex and The City Episode when Carrie and Charlotte go to an affirmation reading and the lecturer tells Charlotte she’s not really putting herself out there, and Carrie is all BITCH, PLEASE! I feel like Charlotte, I’m out and about doing things non-alcohol related so I can try and meet some classy people that aren’t all about getting wasted (the wastedness will have to come later once we all get to know each other, obvi) and I’m still not meeting any quality people.  

I thought mayyybe there would be some good people to hang out with at my workout class, the trainer at least.  But no, the trainers just piss me off.  Like how can you have confidence in someone telling you to do an exercise when you’re already in better shape than them?  That’s the case with both of my trainers, especially the girl.  She’s one of those girls who is probably in decent shape but you can’t tell because she’s so thick in the trunk.  Like KimK thick.  Then, because I skipped ONE session she’s all “OMG, GIZZY! I’m SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!” Anytime I show up to class.  And I’m the only one she says it to.  Condescending bitch.  Then, they decide they’re going to make fun of my skinny legs and how I do every exercise wrong and be all, “Oh ahahahahah Gizzy, you’re like my favorite!” Shut the fuck up and go eat a dick, whore.

Anyway, that’s not what today’s post is about.  Since I’m lacking in the guy area I’ve been facebook creeping on friends from college who live in my city and this past weekend I came across this guy Chris’ page.  His status read, “First time back in the studio in 2 years…feels good!” Then I thought, “Studio? What’s he doing in the studio? Ohhhhhhh, right… he’s awesome.” So I liked his status and it brought me back to my college years when I met Chris and I lived in a sorority and became a Glee Club groupie.  

All of my friends made fun of me, told me the Glee guys were lame because most of them were religious and they were genuine nice guys who opened doors for girls and waited for girls to be seated at the table before they sat down, the kind of guys that are impossible to find anymore.  And I’m telling you now, if I had stuck with those Glee guys I would be married to one of them right now.

 It went down like this, my sorority hosted the male Glee Club for dinner one night – in return they serenaded us.  And Chris, head of the Glee Club, assigned himself to me.  Not only were these guys incredible singers/musicians they were all hot, too.  It was EXACTLY like GLEE, minus the trampy whores.  Like I can honest to god say nothing has turned me on more than being serenaded by these guys, it’s the kind of hot that you don’t get every day just walking down the street making out with drunk strangers.

Anyway, they sang and danced and I swooned over them all, we ate dinner, then me and a few of my sorority sisters went to a party with some of them.  I fell in love with Chris’ Glee friend, Levi.  I don’t think anything ever really happened because he was a gentleman and at the time I was all about being drunk (not much has changed), we hung out a few times and remained friends but I was into being a bar rat and he had morals. However, he did put me in the video where he documented the making of his first album. Sigh. 

Now he has a record deal, and he’s out touring the world with his….wife.   I know, I know, if it was meant to be we would’ve ended up together yada yada yada…. we’re not each others soul mates.  BUT, it could’ve happened! If he was still single today I think it would’ve worked out and I wouldn’t have blown him off for some frat boy jock.  Did I forget to mention that Levi asked me to the Glee Club’s Soiree and I turned him down to go to a frat formal? That’s when we stopped hanging out, and the world ended.  UGH!! I’m so pissed off at my 21 year old self for being such a stupid whore.  What can ya do?!


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