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Taylor Swift can go to hell.

I’m so sick of Taylor Swift pissing me off. I swear she does it like every day (yes, I party everyday….OoOo crank dat soldier boy!).

You see, I used to like Taylor Swift a little bit. I don’t listen to much country music, but she had a few songs I liked. Then, I was dating my disgusting trashy cheating bastard ex, who liked Taylor Swift. I remember this conversation going down one night after the bars:

“Is it gay that I like Taylor Swift?” he asked. “She sings my soul.”

“You’re a faggot,” I said.

Ever since we broke up, I can’t stand to hear Taylor Swift. It also gets on my nerves when she acts like every time she performs, she just CANNOT believe how many fans she has. Like, you’re not an idiot, you make a sweet living off millions of fans, so quit acting like you don’t know it. And also, get over the Kanye thing. It happened a year ago. So stop writing songs about it and walking around barefoot when you sing them, K?

So I’m in the grocery yesterday, trying to be sally homemaker, when I see this:

That’s right, Taylor Swift makes greeting cards, using her lyrics to wish you sympathy over your cat’s death, job loss, or hell, a happy fucking birthday.

So yeah, Taylor Swift can go to hell.

As for the 100 guys project, I was more concentrated on getting sloppy drunk this weekend, so I only have one to report.


Age: 29

Description: Average height, short dark hair sort of like the guy from King of Queens, a little chubby, dressed as Top Gun, wearing aviators.

Fun fact: sang a really good karaoke version of Regulators. It was kinda hot.

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