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Punch me in the face.

Sorry this post is so late everyone, but I’ve been at a funeral all day. 

I’m not sure how much, if at all, I mentioned this, but D’s grandpa passed away early Friday morning. 

D and his family found out about a month ago that his grandpa had stage 4 cancer. They gave him 6 months to live. About 2 weeks later, he was in hospice, and passed away in less than 2 weeks. 

Needless to say, D was pretty upset. His family is close, his parents and grandparents all live within a 10 mile radius of each other and D. 

I am really not good at handling these types of situations. I never know what to say, I just kept telling D I was sorry, asking him if he was okay, and reminding him that I’m always here to listen. 

Of course, when D told me his grandfather passed away, I offered to go with him to the services. He was worried about me missing work, which I assured him was not a big deal. 

So Monday evening, I picked him and his daughter up (E) and we went to the funeral home for the wake. There, I saw his brothers, parents, nieces and nephews. But there was also a slew of people I had to meet, including his grandma, now a widow. 

It was difficult. You don’t want to be cheery when everyone is sad, but it also feels silly to say, “sorry for your loss,” when you never even met the guy in the casket. Am I wrong?

Anyway, one person coming to the wake I was particularly nervous to meet and that was D’s ex wife, also E’s mom. 

She was friendly and honestly seemed like someone I would be friends with; and that was a nice feeling to have. However, other people in the room were eyeing the situation. 

“Is it weird to meet her?” his mom whispered to me. 

“Mmm…no,” I said. “It’s kind of weird that we are meeting under these circumstances, but not in general.”

Why would it be weird? It’s not like I’m afraid they will get back together. 

The weirder part for me is when E talks about her mom. Not because I have any ill feelings toward her, but just because I’m not sure what to say, aside from, ohhhh. 

After the wake, the 3 of us (D, E, and I) went to dinner. It was there that I felt like a little bit of an outsider. 

Anyone ever dated someone with kids? It’s cool to hang out as a new little family, but it’s not my little family, nor will it ever be. Even if D and I were to get married, E would still see me as that evil stepmom. 

I was already feeling like E didn’t want me around. And honestly, I can’t say I blame her. I have no experience with kids. I’m not really the most cheerful person around, and I’m pretty much trying to move in on her dad… what’s there to like about me?

Tuesday morning, we met back up for breakfast and hit the road for the funeral. D was a pallbearer, so E needed a buddy to sit with during the service. She refused to sit with me, and D looked at me, “Wow she does not want to sit with you.”

I said, “yeah, pretty sure she hates me.” 

D and the woman next to me were sympathetic. 

“She doesn’t seem to like anyone,” the lady whispered. 

I don’t know if that’s comforting or not. 

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RIP my car

Ellooooo governa! This is going to be short and sweet as I’ve had one of the longest most whirlwind days of my life (talking about Wednesday here, not Thursday).  Not only was work hell and I made the executive decision to try and go through all of my emails and stay until 7pm when I should’ve left at 4 I came home to find one of my old college friends Periwinkle at my apartment.

I should back up a little, yes Lucky is coming to my house this weekend and I am SOOOOO excited, but Anth is also hosting a bachelor party of 20 guys at our house.  Hrmph.  Lucky and I have a list of things to do and places to be so hopefully they don’t get in the way.   Anyway, it’s Periwinkle’s bachelor party and he came in town yesterday to do some business before hand.

So when I got home, instead of doing my normal lay in my bed and nap for 3 hours, eat some dinner, and go back to bed I had to sit downstairs and socialize.  AND miss The Voice 😦 so not fair.  So I was already feeling a little out of my element.

9pm rolled around and I decided I should go tanning since I have 2 days left on my contract.  So I go and on my way home BAM CRASH BOOM.  Car accident.  I knew it was inevitable with traffic being the way it is here and the 8 million people, but I would’ve never guessed I would’ve gotten in an accident at 10 o’clock at night when there is 0 traffic.

So what happened? I’m minding my own business driving home and was about .2 miles from my apartment, like literally had to turn a corner and I’d be home when I go down a little slope and run into the side of this chick’s car.  She was pulling out of a parallel parking space and I don’t know she seemed pretty dingy, so she probably didn’t even look to see if any cars were coming.  I tried to stop but it didn’t happen.  My car is drivable… but it looks pretty rough…

So after I slam into the side of this girl’s car a guy jumps out and is looking at the damage, I fall out of my car like I almost died and he asks if I’m ok, I say yeah and dig through my purse to find my phone to call the cops all the while the driver is just sitting in the car.  I’m all, “Uhh is she ok?” And he’s like “Oh she hit her head.”  Eventually she gets out and says she’s fine, the cops tell us if the cars are driveable they’re not coming and we should just exchange information and come to the police station within 48 hours to file a report.  Some city huh?

So we do, by this time it’s pushing 10 (my bedtime) and I don’t feel like subjecting myself to a big city police station before bed.   The couple tells me they are going to go tonight to get it over with and I tell them I’m going to go tomorrow to kick off my vacation the right way. We leave and 30 minutes later I get a call from them saying they’re at a police station in the suburbs and the cops told them to tell me not to file another police report because having 2 would make it confusing.  Hrmmm… ok, and they also didn’t need a statement from me.  It’s weird.  They gave me a report number so I’m going to go to the police station and see if they’ll give me a copy of the report.  

BUT, I googled it and in anyway shape or form this accident is this girls fault, whether they filed the report or I did…. people pulling out of parking spots have to yield to oncoming traffic no matter what so I guess I should chillax.  

My poor little old car, now every time I go over a bump it makes this horrifying sound like it wants to die.  Stay strong car, stay strong, help is coming in the form of an insurance check. 

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