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Good luck is coming my way

If anyone wished me luck last week when I asked for it, let me say thanks, it worked!

I won the lottery ($6) and hung out with High School Crush – doesn’t get much better, right? Except if I would have won the big jackpot.  Then I could have bought whatever guy I wanted. (Ryan Gosling.)

Anyway, the party with High School Crush went a little better than expected.  I can imagine that people probably wanted to puke at the sight of us, but it was fun.  It was also nice to finally realize that the wrath of Snoop-Linus didn’t ruin my chances of ever liking a guy and being able to act normal around a guy again.  See: used to be a skittish freak.

When I dated HOTTIE I was constantly worried about what kind of shady stuff he was doing when I wasn’t around.  Not because he was a shady person, but because Snoop-Linus was.  I felt like I had to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure I wasn’t going to be made a fool of again. I didn’t feel like that this weekend, which granted it is still very early, but I think I’m a little more at ease with the situation because it’s progressed about as slowly as it could.  At this stage in the game, 3 months after starting to talk, with Snoop-Linus and Douchearoo the L bomb had already been dropped and the relationships were already starting to spiral down the drain because we were fighting all the time.  But, for the first time since High School, I’ve gotten to know the guy before anything sexual happened.  Not to say that is the key that’s been missing all these years, but I’m just happy to not have hook-up remorse. With that being said, I almost did.

Pretty much in the heat of the moment I went back on what I said I didn’t want to do.  I said at the end of the night I wanted us to go our separate ways him to go home with his friends and me to go home with mine, which didn’t happen. After both of our friends were all at the same bar my friends decided to go somewhere else and he voluntarily agreed to come with us. That’s a first for me, no guy has ever left his friends to hang out with mine – which took me by surprise. Eventually my friends disbursed and all went off making out with different guys, so it was just him and I.   When it came time to go home we couldn’t find or get a hold of either of our friends.  Really not a good situation for 2 people who don’t live in that particular city, so we walked back to Chuck’s.  She has a basement lounge area with a futon that I usually stay on when I’m there, so that was the plan.

Yada yada yada…. One thing led to another and we almost had sex.  If it wouldn’t have been for the fact that I’m not on any kind of birth control I probably would have done it.  Shame on me.  But I didn’t, so it’s ok.

The dynamic is definitely different now though, in a good way. We hung out with his little sister for a while that night and she drunkenly aired all of their family’s dirty laundry to me.  Of course, HSC was embarrassed about it, but I thought it was funny and endearing.  Mostly because my family drama of a high schooler putting her baby up for adoption then trying to get it back 8 months later slash a grown ass man throwing baked beans on a baby at a family gathering trumps almost anything anyone else could throw out there.  I don’t know if it’s that she spilled all the drama or the fact that we got to hang out for a whole night without someone ruining it, but he’s definitely been way more of a chatty Cathy since all that.  Whatever, I’m not complaining.

In other news, some ladies in my office invited me to go to lunch with them today and it was good, it made me not hate my work life quite as much.  Annnnddd… that’s it.

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Texas Returns and I still hate my job

Well the long weekend has come to an end and in my neck of the woods it seems like fall has almost arrived. Typically I hate fall, that’s when bad things always happen to me, but this year I don’t have some guy that can shit on me just because it’s getting cold out and because our summer time drunk has worn off, so I’m actually kind of looking forward to it for the first time ever.

And with that being said, I got a text from Texas this weekend. Does everyone remember Texas? Texas is one of the first gentleman callers that I introduced here on the blog, we’ve been friends for about a year and a half now and it’s almost been a year since we’ve spoken. I randomly facebook creep on him to see if him and his girlfriend are making the long distance thing work, which it looked like they broke up a few times – now the link is gone but she posts on his wall 24/7 as per usual.

So when I see an unknown number appear in my text box I google the area code and when I see a city in Texas I knew it could only be one person. I write back being all hey what are you up to long time no talk and he’s all yeah…. so I’m in your city for the next 2 weeks interviewing for jobs and I’ll be moving here at the end of September, up for hanging out? Um DUH!

Update on the count up: Months since I’ve had sex:16 — Months since I’ve made out with someone: 7 — so sad.

This is completely necessary, meeting up with him must happen. Because if you recall there were several occassions when we would talk about randomly hooking up but never made it happen. He might still have a girlfriend, but which I normally would want no part of… but I’m pretty desperate. We are supposed to meet up for dinner and drinks tonight, so hopefully come Thursday I will have some exciting news, and if not at least some good stories because we usually get stupid drunk together so I’m sure something entertaining will happen. Even if it is me puking in my shoes… again.

Annnd on to work news, story of my life. Does anyone else have people in their office that don’t pay attention to detail? I’m pretty sure I am the only one in my office that does and it’s really starting to irritate me. Like you best believe that if I am going to send someone an email acusing them of not doing their job I’m going to have my shit straight before I do so, so that I don’t look like the asshole. But yet no one else in my office seems to do this, they don’t care if they look stupid and if they are being petty.

So here’s the situation, I have to approve a lot of things – some of them have monthly deadlines some of them don’t. If something that I have to approve doesn’t meet the monthly deadline oh well, I don’t really care, the person submitting it to me should’ve gotten it to me further in advance and it’s their bad – it’ll get in next month. Especially when they are late to begin with, if something is older than 90 days we consider it “late” and if they want to do anything with it, first it needs my approval then it has to get my boss’ approval. Which can take a few days because she is a very busy lady.

So this morning I come in to find an email from someone in the payroll department bitching at me for not getting something to them when they think I should have, they sent it like literally the moment they got the packet that I sent over on Friday. I already deleted the email but it went something along the lines of telling me that the packet was going to miss the payroll month end cut off and how I should really pay more attention and try to get thing to them on time because they saw where I signed off on the packet on 8/30, but it didn’t get to them until 9/2 at 4:08 pm so it wouldn’t get processed until September.

Now, the thing is… IF they had flipped past the first page in the packet they would have seen the notification that it was late and that my boss didn’t sign off on the “late” transaction until 9/2 – therefore I got it to them the same fucking day that it received all of the necessary approvals and they can eat a big fat dick and shut their damn mouths. But they didn’t do that, instead they wasted their time and mine falsely accusing me of not doing my job. But did I reply bitching at them for falsely accusing me? Nope. They aren’t my boss, they aren’t in my department so I really don’t give 2 shits if they think I’m not doing my job correctly. If they want to man up and come talk to me in person I’ll ask if they flipped to the next page and when they say no I’ll say well why don’t you go do that and then tell me I’m not doing my job because then they’ll feel like idiots because I AM! And IF they say something to my boss about it and IF she comes to talk to me about it then I’ll tell her yeah, it was a late transaction and you didn’t sign it until 9/2 so we did nothing wrong, then she’ll talk shit about how they don’t pay attention to anything and how they all suck and I’ll agree and we’ll have a good old laugh about it.

But yeah, I’m not going to waste my time writing out an email to correct them because I really don’t care and I’m not petty because really whether the transaction gets processed in August or September really does not fucking matter and people just want something to complain about. What’s better is I am the youngest person in my office – yet clearly the most mature when it comes to matters of business. I’m seriously at my wits ends with these dumb fools. Thank god it’s almost Jerseday!

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