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Weekend To-Do list

Today, Friday, I am spending my whole day not working as I tend to do on Fridays. I typically use Fridays to make lists of the things I need to do over the weekend.  Mostly errands I’ll end up finding ways to tell myself I don’t actually need to do, because doing them would involve wearing pants and sitting in traffic.

So friends, here I am to share my freak show weekend list with you:

*Pack (I’m moving back to the dungeon on Tuesday, remember? Hrmph)


*Take one last bubble bath in my garden tub before I am sent back to sharing a bathroom with dirty boys

*Lay in bed naked while I still have 4 walls

*Do activities in my spacious 4 walled bedroom

                -Activities list-

                *Floor angels

                *Spreading my mail out all over the floor just because I can

                *Cheerleading high kicks

*Sit on my toilet and poop for literally the next 4 days. How am I going to poop when I share a bathroom with boys again? I’m pretty sure the last time I lived in the dungeon I held it in for 5 months.  I’ve really been taking pooping in the comfort of my own bathroom for granted.

*Re-master changing clothes without ever getting naked in case one of these new bros is a peeper.

*Apply for a babillion jobs so I can get the F out of the dungeon and the big city.

That’s all I can think about for now.  I am like really hung up on this pooping thing.

P.S. Happy Birthday to our main squeeze SHY GUY!!!!

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