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The night I FINALLY hung out with HIGH SCHOOL CRUSH…Part 3

I promise this is the last part to the high school crush saga… for now.  Last week I told you about how HSC asked me to get together with him  on a dateish thing.  

Pretty much he didn’t text me until around dinner time Saturday night, which ended up being ok because I was busy most of the day anyway.  I definitely would’ve had to cancel plans with my dad in order to hang out with him, and I was ok with that because dad would totes understand.  I mean, it’s HSC, how could he not?! HSC asked if I’d be coming back that way and I told him I couldn’t decide because I was tired, hungover, unsure if he really wanted me to, feeling like I might get my period, etc, etc, etc…  

I ended up not going, because like I told Lucky, it was getting late and we would probably just end up going out to a bar.  I didn’t have anywhere to stay and I didn’t #1 want to be forced to stay with him and #2 didn’t want him to feel like he had to invite me to stay with him.  Plus, all of my relationships start out with drinking and going out together and they were all bad and awful and  I hate those guys.  So it was completely necessary to break the cycle, especially since it would be with HSC.  And I feel like getting to know the next guy I have a one night stand with because that’s what respectful girls do.

So we texted the rest of Saturday night and then Monday I heard from him again, picking up Saturday night’s conversation where it left off.  Just about random stuff, our lives, what we’re up to and we got reacquainted via text for about 13 hours straight on Monday.  It’s been a minute since I’ve had a hearty texting convo with someone other than Lucky and I have to say I didn’t hate it.  Tuesday we continued to text and I finally saw a little wall come down, he got really dramatic about picking out Christmas presents for his nephews annnnd it was pretty awesome and cute hearing the drama that goes into deciding between Batman and Superman action figures. It was nice to see someone show their colors because out of the two of us, if you didn’t know, he is way more proper and well rounded. If that’s what you want to call it.  And I’m like the Phoebe.  

So, as of last Wednesday (when the post was written) the last time we talked was Tuesday night.  And we had said that when I came back from my trip we would try to get together.  I told Lucky it’s now or never.  If he doesn’t like me now, he’s never going to.  So when I get back, I’m going to text him and say this, verbatim:  “So hey what are you doing? Lets hang out.  I’ll come there, we can get some dinner, make some sex, and see what happens.”  Obvi kidding about the sex, kind of, I’m going to text that part in white so really it’s there but secretly.  And if he says no, well, then I’m never talking to him again.  And if he says yes, I’m going to put in my order.

I totally realize this talking and what not means way more to me than it does him, and 99.99% of this drama is in my head, but these are great strides compared to the past when we didn’t talk at all and I just day dreamed about our wedding while looking at his facebook.  God, I swear if he ever reads this, I will kill myself.  High School Crush is like a fine wine, these things take time, and it can’t be rushed and I can’t come on too strong because that would be like popping the bottle before it’s properly aged, it would just be bad and cheap.  And he would probably think I was crazy if I came at him with my boobs out or something, because he is the shyest, nicest guy, ever.

So there you have it.  I don’t know what’s going on and it’s kind of nice and exciting.  Last week when we were texting I was at work and my stomach was all crazy and then it dawned on me, I had butterflies.  Which has not happened in like 3 years, so I’ll take it even if it is just from a text.

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