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Need a little luck

There’s something I’ve been going back and forth with all week deciding whether or not to bring it up on this here bloggity-blog.  Since I have nothing else to yammer on about today I figured why not? I’ll get myself all hyped up for what’s for sure going to be a big letdown.

I haven’t mentioned High School Crush in a while, mostly because there’s really nothing new to report.  Earlier this month I had a mini-melt down because we hadn’t talked in a week and I thought 3 months of hard work was down the drain, but we’re back to talking almost every day again and all is right with the world.

Anyway, last week he told me he’d be going on guys golfing vacation this week with his Dad and his Dad’s friends to Florida. I didn’t expect to talk to him all week because why would he want to talk to me when he’s in Florida?! To my surprise we’ve been talking more than normal.  Maybe it’s because he’s been drunk and surrounded by old dudes all week, or maybe he finds texting me to vent about how it sucks that all the old men have to take naps every afternoon and he has to go to the pool by himself as better than sitting at the pool talking to no one.  Either way, it’s been funny. 

Early in the week he asked about my weekend plans.  It was pretty run of the mill, but normally I’m the one that’s asking and ultimately waiting for that moment when he says, “Oh! Proposing to my girlfriend, how should I do it?” But this time he asked.  I told him I didn’t have any big plans other than a birthday party Friday night and that’d I’d probably just be hanging around relaxing.  And that was the end of it.

A few days passed and he brought up the weekend plans again, “So you’re just hanging out this weekend then?” he said.  And I’m all, “Well yeah, I’m kind of a loser.” So then he starts telling me about how he flies back from Florida on Saturday and his friend is having this birthday party that night and would I want to drive down and go to it.

For a few minutes I was really confused.  Did the world just end or did HSC just ask me to hang out? I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I was awake, but sure enough it actually happened.  I told him I would go and to let me know the details Saturday afternoon.

Then I went into over-analyzation/panic mode about the whole thing.  Yeah, going to the birthday would be fine, but what happens after? I don’t live in the city and neither does he.  So would we be staying at his friend’s house? Should I assume that since he invited me to the party I’m also invited to stay at the friend’s house? Are we going to be cuddled up on some beer soaked floor? What if all the girls Lucky and I hated in high school are there and start throwing tomatoes at me and instead of standing up for me he laughs? Lucky and I were friends with the group of guys that he hangs around with, but the girls…. Shudder.  I started frantically texting everyone I know that lives in that city. Luckily, my dear friend Chuck has agreed to take me in for the evening.  Lord knows she owes me one, or a hundred.  

Like the last time HSC and I made plans to meet up at the festival, I won’t believe we’re actually going to hang out until he’s standing in front of me.  I can just see so many things going wrong with this: his flight getting delayed, him being too tired from traveling to go to the party, my car blowing up on the drive down, etc…etc…

Also, I bought 5 lotto tickets for the Mega Million today.  1 out of 2 has to go right for me this weekend, right? Fingers crossed!!

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