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Ok Neal, I forgive you!

Monday night Lucky and I were BBMing whilst watching Most Eligible Dallas, a guilty pleasure for us both.  We were freaking out over Courtney and Matt’s so hot hot tub kiss and moments later getting pissed at Courtney ruining it by opening up her big ugly mouth.   Which got us on the topic of hot kisses and hot guys which ultimately lead to us talking about my one true love, Neal Bledsoe, and how my facebook friend request is still pending nearly 1 year (10 months, to the day) later.  

Lucky tried making me feel better by insisting he was in a part of the world where he didn’t have internet access or that he’s been busy working.  But we all know that’ s a lie, his profile picture is different.

Part of my New Year’s resolution is going to be to let the past be the past and not hold grudges, to some extent, Douchearoo and Snoop-Linus?  Grudge.  The girl in my sorority who told on me for having hot Australians back to the sorority house one night, which ultimately got me “sober ride” duty for 3 weekends?  Forgiven.  

So I figured why not try this new and improved Gizzy out with Neal?  It can only help.  So, Neal Bledsoe… I know you google yourself and you will read this, this is Gizzy speaking, I forgive you for not accepting my friend request, even though it’s probably the biggest mistake you’ve ever made… cauuuse I think you’d like my goods.  Just saying.  Your loss, you’ll regret this, but I forgive you.

Don’t worry though, I’m not going to cancel my friend request just in case one day he decides to accept me, and propose to me, and have some sex with me, or eat some chicken, whatever, I’ll be there.

Wow, I sound like a stalker. 


Wouldn’t it be funny if I actually did meet Neal Bledsoe one day and we like, fell in love and I was like omg guess what I used to hate on you so bad on my blog and always talked about how you were such a jerk for not accepting my facebook friend request yet so so hot at the same time?  And he’d be like, YES Gizzy… that is soooo funny, aren’t you glad you were wrong and I’m like the nicest guy ever?  And I’d be like yeah and then we’d make out.

So if you ever come here and one day Cocktails At Tiffany’s is just gone out of thin air, it’s because I met Neal Bledsoe and he CAN NEVER KNOW ABOUT THIS.  And you and I, we can’t be blog friends anymore.

So my boss is on vacation for the next week and I am soOoOoOoOoO excited!  I was telling Lucky that I feel like a teenager whose parents finally decided it was ok to leave me at home alone for the weekend.  Like I was acting like a child.  I ate so much candy that I gave myself a stomach ache, talked to my friends all day, and googled things I shouldn’t have been while at work, I even left early yesterday and gave the office a big su-fi as I walked on the elevator.  I mean my boss like NEVER takes vacation and it’s the most annoying thing ever.  Like I always feel like when she is there I have to be working hard in case she walks around the corner, I don’t want her seeing me on facebook, playing games, or looking up flights to go visit Lucky.  Not only is she giving herself a vacation for the next week, she’s giving me a vacation too! WAHOO!!!!

Back track!  I just spent more time then I care to admit googling Neal Bledsoe to find out if he is single and if I should seriously be on the prowl, and he’s not.  He has a girlfriend… for like years.  And she’s like 9 feet tall, blonde, and gorgeous.  CHRIST! Just when you think things are starting to turn around.   I’m done.  I’m just done.  I’m going to stop wasting my time on all these hot men and just start reading the encyclopedia.   Reading the encyclopedia = FAIL.

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News! News! I have big news!

Ok so my news isn’t that big.  Ok it is, to me.  Remember a few weeks ago when I was bitching and moaning about my boring going no where accounting job and how I wanted to do something cool in the entertainment industry so I registered with a bunch of casting company’s?! WELL!!! After expressing interest in a few different commercials/movies and hearing nothing in return, I finally got cast in something!

That’s the exciting part, the not so exciting part (for Just Married Girl at least, & OMG there’s an episode of Friends on right now about Sweater Vests – it IS a sign) is that I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the Sweater Vest hang out tonight.  I’m getting ahead of myself… 

So I’m sitting at work screening calls from one of the surgeon’s I work for because someone (not me) may have lost $80,000 of her “spending” money by being a ‘tard.  Not lost as in dropped it on the street, lost it as in gave it to another institution by accident and now they’re saying they’re not giving it back (or that “it would be virtually impossible to give the money back”) so anyway, she’s all up my ass trying to get me to help her fix it because the team she assembled to do these things for her are idiots (obvi) so I contacted everyone I could 10 times told them the situation and was sitting pretty waiting for a response telling me it had been magically fixed while she called me every 5 minutes to see if there was an update when my cell phone started blowing up… it was an email from a casting agency!

The email basically said I had been cast as a model for a photo shoot on Saturday.  We’d be modeling local designers dresses pretending we’re at a party and the photos will be used as promotions for the designers and the studio.  They dress us, do our hair and makeup, and we get copies of the pictures and a some monaayy to go along with it.  I’m not going to quit my day job over it, but I’m pretty freaking excited!!!

When I told Anth about it he made fun of me, go figure.  Saying if I see any Victoria’s Secret models to give them his number.  HA! Then asked if he could come, then I told him about how the Brit wouldn’t stop texting me and his response was, “Is it because you told him you’re a model now?”  But, just for ANTH’s information… at this time last year my only job was modeling and it (barely) paid the bills, so Victoria’s Secret model that!  He’s obviously upset because I’m not coming to watch his marathon Saturday morning.  Whatever.

So anyway, my call time isn’t until Saturday at 2pm but I feel like I have to do a lot before I go.  Like I feel like I need to go get a spray tan so I don’t look dead, and work out for 5 hours before I go to the shoot so I look skinny.   And get a mani/pedi in case my hands or feet are in the shot.  What I wouldn’t give to be 22 again…. back then I always felt good about how I looked and I would’ve rolled out of bed after a night of partying and showed up at the shoot.  Now?  I’m canceling all my plans for the 4 days surrounding the shoot so I can make sure everything is perfect.  I don’t know, I guess my livelihood is at stake so I’m freaking out about it.  But, I haven’t told Dina that I won’t be able to make it out yet tonight because I’m hoping they’ll switch it to Saturday night and I can go out all glammed up from the photo shoot and find a husband/rekindle my half romance with Sweater Vest.  We’ll see how it goes…

Just to give everyone a Lucky update: She said the smudging went well and her fat cat loves the new apartment!  I hope it’s making all her dreams come true!

Ok… where’s cynical Gizzy? 1 good thing happened and all my cynical world hating aspirations went out the door.

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